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sesamoid is fun to say

Posted Dec 16 2009 6:15am
WHEW. Final grades posted for the semester. I did better than I imagined which somewhat shocks me, because this semester was a blur. The past 5 days of vacation have been anxiety ridden, because I was almost certain I failed my statistics final. In reality, I still might have, but it didn't hurt my overall grade too much, haha.
Now that that's officially over (until mid-January) I can relax. Well, relax as much as you can with two crazy toddlers. Oh, and I have this house to clean, and bags to pack (we are headed to New Hampshire for Christmas, leaving this Friday!) Ok, maybe I can relax when we get to grandma's house.

On the running front...I'm afraid I need to step back from my own 150 mile challenge. My sesamoids are killing me. Gotta love anatomy and physiology class, now that I can name the bones I'm quick to self diagnose, haha. Ever since Friday's run (before the Newtons) the ball of my right foot, below my big toe (the sesamoids, right?) have been killing me. The Newton run on Saturday intensified it. I took Sunday and Monday off, and then ran 5 more yesterday. While the pain is not intense, it's lingering. Everything I've read about this self-diagnosed pain is that it's very common in long distance runners. Yipee.

Has anyone out there had this kind of pain before?

So instead of sidelining myself with an injury (the LAST thing I need right now!), I'm going to be smart and simmer down a bit, re-building my mileage up a lot slower. Which should be easy, considering I'm vacationing in the tundra next week. BRRRR! I've got a bunch of cold weather gear to test out, but I'm still a giant wuss. This should be amusing, no doubt about it. And yes, I promise to take pictures (hopefully none of me busting my a$$ in a snowbank)

On a somber note, Cancer to 5K lost a teammate this weekend. I never had the opportunity to meet Shawn Felty, but I heard so many others speak fondly of him since he joined the team last year. Shawn lost his battle to colon cancer, and the world lost another young life senselessly to cancer. I HATE cancer. I hate the pain it causes people. The fear and grief it leaves behind with their family, friends, and loved ones. The guilt of survivors who ask "why him, why not me?" It breaks my heart and pisses me off. This is another unfortunate reminder that until there is a cure, until cancer is a thing of the past, we can never ever give up this fight.

In the words of my friend Ross, "Rest now Shawn, we got this."
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