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Seriously don't just shake it

Posted Apr 22 2013 10:32am

I see it all the time at work.  I work with a lot of women and they are great women, but invariably someone is always on some kind of a "diet".  Always.  I can't believe how many people want to lose the weight and not exercise..aack, or eat real food.

So many do "shake diets"  sure they work if you follow them and while you follow them.  They lose the weight, but if you aren't going to learn healthy eating habits what is going to happen when you go off the shakes?  and seriously how can that even be satisfying?  No thanks for this girl!  I like food, real food!

I am no weight loss expert, but I do know that when I gained a lot of weight in college, none of the crazy "diets" I tried worked. I even tried a shake diet and hated it. It wasn't until I cleaned up my eating and joined a gym that the weight came off and stayed off.  It isn't that I don't still struggle with it from time to time because I do. 

People always assume it has just been easy for me.  It hasn't.  I do the work.  I am committed to a healthy me.

Sure I absolutelty do still indulge in things I want to eat like jellybeans and big juicy hamburgers but it is balanced with "clean" foods. Sorry no food pictures.

This is a lesson running races teaches us too.  If you don't do the work the race is going to suck. Just like if you eat crappy your clothes won't fit for long.  You have to make that decision to get out there and train.  Sure you can miss a few workouts just like you can have a few indulgent type meals but do it too often and the end goal suffers.

What is your favorite fad diet that you hate?  Mine is obviously "shake" type diets.  Eat some real food!  I think they are fine as a snack, fueling, or recovery but to base your whole diet around them is a load of BS in my book.

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