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Senior Prom!!

Posted Jun 03 2013 5:38pm
Saturday night was Alex's senior prom! I SOOOO can't believe she will be graduating from high school in a few weeks!! WHERE did the time go?

Neither Alex or her BFF Sarah are dating anyone right now so they decided to go to prom together! I'm pretty sure they had more fun this way than being with real dates! 

We had a minor wardrobe glitch last week, but it worked out just fine in the end. Alex had found a dress that she wanted online and although I had some doubts about buying a dress without trying it on first...I placed the order and requested express shipping so that we would have plenty of time to make sure it worked. The money was taken from my account and we received confirmation of arrival date and everything....and THEN, just over a week before prom date...we got an email saying it wouldn't arrive until 2 days AFTER prom?!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!
We went out to look for dresses and we were not having much luck! Every place we went required a few weeks and we only had ONE week by then!! We found a few dresses that we could buy from the rack, but they were all extremely gaudy with HUGE rhinestones and/or they looked liked they should be sold in a store named "HOOKERS R US!!"
We were just about to give up when she found this black and white dress! I think it looked beautiful AND classy!!

On Saturday morning....just hours before the prom, she got her hair cut MUCH shorter (living dangerously?!) which could have been a disaster, but she loved it and I think it looks great!! WHEW!!
Aren't they adorable? I just LOVE these two!! 

Sarah and Alex
Everyone went to Jill's house for pre-prom photos! Sorry to say--I didn't get a lot of great shots, but I plan to get some more from one of the other Mom's!
Shannon, Alex, Katelyn, Jill, Pryanka, Erin, Sarah C, Sarah M

Alex and Katelyn

Conor and Alex

Conor and his 2 sisters!!

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