Okay, I don’t know how you people take ice baths because I HATE cold.  I don’t even know why I live in Canada because our winters are brutal.  I would much rather be living next door to Angie and Jenn .  Back to icing – HOW in the world do you do it?  Dean and I went on a 7-mile run on the weekend and I iced when I got home because my legs (especially my knees) were really feeling it.  I think I got legit frostbite.  Or at least really red knees.

Maybe I’m exaggerating but it is definitely not fun.  I cannot even IMAGINE sinking my whole body into a bathtub full of ice cubes.  I didn’t even do it after my marathon.  Is that weird?  I know it’s supposed to help…but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

All was forgotten though when I busted open a pack of fruit snacks and they were ALL RED.

Does that EVER happen?  I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.  I always have to give Dean my yellow and orange candies because I am not a huge fan…which means having to open at least three packs of candy to get a sufficient amount of red ones :P

Do you ice/take ice baths after long runs/races?  If so, HOW do you do it?  Tell me your secrets.

Favourite colour candy?

Red and purple for me!