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Secret Santa and Saucony Kinvaras!

Posted Dec 11 2011 12:31pm 2 Comments

Hey friends! I hope you’re all having a great weekend! I meant to post this last night,  but I was out till the early hours of the morning with some friends and didn’t really have the energy when I got back, so I’m posting it now instead! Weekend recap to come soon!


The postman has been very kind to me recently. Our house is clearly his favourite, because I can’t imagine any other houses in our neighbourhood have a monkey answering the door…



Last week, he dropped off a present from my Secret Santa!



The lovely Laura organised a UK bloggers Secret Santa, and mine was Becky !  She sent me so many awesome Christmassy goodies!

Cute tissues (so useful for me right now haha!), a funny coaster (caption=so true), teas, a gingerbread man tree decoration and a sparkling cinnamon Yankee candle


I love it all!! The gingerbread man tree decoration has pride of place on my Christmas tree:


And some real ones will be joining it soon! Smile


And I’ve been making my room smell nice by burning the mini Sparkling Cinnamon candle. I could eat that smell!



Thank you so much Becky!! Open-mouthed smile


The other package was a delivery from Zalando !



Amy from Zalando contacted me and kindly offered me the chance to review some products from their site. So I jumped at the offer! Especially after I saw their range of running shoes Winking smile I ended up ordering these:



Saucony Kinvaras ! Anyone heard of these? They’ve gotten a fair amount of rave reviews this year, so I thought I’d try them out for myself! I’m also looking into more minimalist running, so these are the perfect choice for a good ‘transition’ shoe.



“The Saucony Kinvara is a brand new lightweight neutral running shoe with a low profile design that allows your foot to run uninhibited. The reduced height difference between heel and forefoot stimulates a mid-to-forefoot strike, yet the shoe still feels well cushioned and stable.”


I tried them out for the first time on Thursday, when I a lmost drowned/got blown into a ditch by running through a storm …a good test of the shoes I’d say! And they held up surprisingly well! My racing flats ( fire shoes !) are Saucony Grid A4’s, and they are the least waterproof shoes EVER! They let in water through the bottom and tops because there are lots of holes for air ventilation or something. So I expected similar results from these shoes, but not at all! They held up amazingly well, even running through the mud! I was very impressed!


Awkward leg shot…


Other thoughts on the Kinvaras:

  • They are very light. They are 7.7oz, which is feather-like compared to my usual training shoe (Brooks Adrenaline) which is almost 13oz! Makes a HUGE difference, and I feel so much faster in them!
  • I don’t heel-strike. I want to do a full post on this in the future (I got grief about my bad form from my coach!), but basically I heel-strike badly in my Brooks Adrenalines but noticed that I didn’t in my lightweight racing flats, which is part of the reason I decided to move towards a more minimalist shoe. With only a 4mm heel-drop, I land mid-foot in the Kinvaras.
  • Despite being more ‘minimalist’ they definitely still have a cushioned, springy feel, which I love! More so than my Brooks for sure, but that is probably because I’ve been wearing them for 9 months…! Smile with tongue out
  • I love the look of them! Sorry, but I am pretty superficial when it comes to shoes, and I think these look pretty darn good!
  • They fit great for my feet. I have fairly narrow feet, and my Brooks are a bit ‘roomy’ for me. These are much more snug, and I love that! It feels like I’m running in a cushioned sock!


So basically, they are great shoes all-round, and I love them!


I really questioned my sanity after stepping outside the house dressed like that when there were patches of ice on the ground. I almost froze to death.


I also ordered these Asics Ayami Armwarmers: 612550_0262_ayami_medium

They are knitted, so they are SO cosy and warm, and they were also great for storing things in! I stuffed tissues and my phone in them, and they didn’t bother me or shift at all! I hate running in long sleeved shirts (weird quirk), so these are perfect for me, and will definitely be a staple in my winter running wardrobe Smile



I do really recommend Zalando  in general. I had never heard of them before, but they have a great range of both running shoes and clothes, and the good prices and free delivery aren’t half bad either Winking smile


*And please note, that although this was a product review and I was sent these products to review for free, I have given my completely honest opinion, and have no qualms about giving negative reviews. I obviously didn’t here, simply because from this experience I have no negative opinions of either Zalando or the products reviewed.*


Are you loyal to one particular running shoe, or brand? I have Brooks, Asics and Saucony shoes, so I’m not exactly loyal to one haha! But I am loving my Saucony shoes at the mo!


Have you opened any Christmas presents yet? The Secret Santa present was my first one, but I’m opening another Secret Santa present that I’m doing with some friends on Friday…exciting!!


Are you a heel-striker, or a forefoot/midfoot striker? I was a serious heel-striker, but I’m saying goodbye to that habit!


Hope you’re all having a great weekend! <3

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Love the new shoes!
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