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Second Walden Trip!

Posted Aug 06 2011 4:49pm

Yes…the Walden Pond that Henry David Thoreau lived at!  I still can’t believe that I went there for a field trip while in high school and now I’m there swimming!  I thought it was SOOO far away, but then again everything seems so far away!

Did you know that Dave and I actually both went on the same field trip?  And that we have gone to the same school our entire lives (minus pre-school and college).  I always thought of him as the dorky kid with the glasses and the long last name.  I never thought I’d be dating him and in love with him for 8 years.  Funny how things work out!

Anyways, this morning I got up early and fueled with my usual oatmeal.  Whoever discovered oatmeal is in my book of fame!  I don’t know what I would do without it!

Last night I packed a bag for my second journey to Walden….or I guess it would be my third if you count my field trip in high school!  The first time to Walden I forgot a towel.  When I went to Farm Pond I forgot my goggles and swim cap and today I forgot my cycling shoes and gloves.  So I think I am in dire need of a list of things I need!

  • Wear my swimsuit under running shorts and tank
  • Flip flops
  • Towel, goggles, swim cap
  • Gu chomps and gu, a water bottle with lemon-lime Gu, a regular water bottle
  • Clif bar and banana
  • Peanut butter sandwich
  • Sunblock
  • Extra contacts (just in case)
  • Phone
  • Underwear, sports bra, bike shorts, tank
  • Cycling shoes….(I forgot these!  I had Denise bring them when she met up with us!…Thank you Denise!)
  • Cycling gloves (I forgot these too, but I survived)
  • Bike Pump, extra tube, patch kit and tire levers
  • Cleaning wipes to clean hands and what not after your ride!  We had oil all over our hands from changing the tube

Sarah picked me up and we headed over to Walden.  We had gotten halfway there and I yelped and realized I forgot my cycling shoes.  Luckily Denise wasn’t swimming with us and she was meeting us after our swim to go cycling.  So, I quickly texted Denise and asked her to stop by my apartment and grab my shoes.  Sarah and I arrived at the pond and she suited up in her sweet wetsuit.  We swam all the way across and back!  The total swim about a mile in 45 minutes.

Denise  met up with us to do a long bike ride.  A few miles in, Sarah got a flat!  It actually was a good thing because Sarah didn’t know how to change a tube and it was about time she learned!

We had to use my hand pump because the CO2 cartridge wasn’t working.  Thank goodness for old fashion hand pumps!  After getting her hands dirty and some elbow grease, she did it!

We continued on our ride but missed a turn.  We cut our ride a little shorter than we had originally planned but it was getting late so we were ok with it.  Denise had fallen on one of the turns we had made but was ok!  And ironically, Sarah fell too when we arrived at the car.  I was just waiting for me to fall too.  So ladies and gentlemen, everyone falls don’t let that scare you off from riding!

31 miles
2:18 (moving time)
Avg pace 13.4 mph
Avg HR 125 bpm
MHR 140

We can’t wait until our next adventure at Walden.  We might print out a map this time instead of just the directions.  Some of the roads are newly paved so the route symbols are gone!

Sarah dropped me off at home and gave me a super hug for a great workout together (she is an awesome hug giver!).  I showered and ate a few snacks (banana, plum, and a handful of blueberries) before heading out to lunch.

Dave and I went to the Danish Pastry House .  I got the best chicken salad sandwich!  It had cucumbers, brie, and craisons!  We also got some sweet maui onion chips and iced coffees!  Hit the spot!  I think I might get the supplies to make this for lunch!

After lunch we headed to Borders, which is closing.  But I was able to snag a new book!

I haven’t had much time for reading lately, but I think this will be a great book for me to look through whenever I get a free moment.

Though I’m exhausted, I’m excited to hang out with some friends tonight.  I might even treat myself to sleeping in late tomorrow and doing a later run!


What are you doing for your Saturday workout?

Do you need lists so that you don’t forget anything?

Do you sleep in on the weekends?

I rarely get to sleep in because of the workouts I have to do.  So it really is a treat when I get to sleep in past 7 am!

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