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scenes from a friday night and saturday morning

Posted Dec 03 2011 1:32pm
happy weekend lovelies!  I feel like everyone and their brother is racing today or tomorrow, so if that's the case, good luck or congrats if you already ran!   (i.e. congrats to  Danielle  for crushing her 5k this morning and getting second in her age group!  You go, you rockstar!)

I didn't get in a workout yesterday, per se, it was almost dark by the time I got off work and I was starving, so I opted not to workout.  However, I had taken the boys for a walk earlier in the day with their new bike trailer stroller and did a walk/run combo during the walk (it was only about a mile or so) and also had fun doing some more stair jumps with them and doing "airplanes" with them (lifting them up with my feet) for a good leg/core action.   Hey, I take exercise however I can get it.

Last night was mostly low-key.  We went to toys r us, as we had a few birthday presents and a whole slew of christmas presents to buy.    (We have 7 nieces and 1 nephew between both sides).   We totally cleaned up there.  Ryan told me it was bad taking me there because I'm like a 5 year old and still want all the toys.  I may have ended up with the originial Muppet movie for myself.  No idea how that happened ;)

After, we went to Best Buy because we had some gift cards to use.  We ended up getting Community season 1 and the movie, Super 8.   We had never seen it, but it was free, so we figured, why not?

I didn't know a ton about it and I was scared when we first started watching it.  Luckily, it's more suspenseful than scary, though I did scream at one point when something unexpected happened.  I'm such a wimp.  Don't ask me how I watch Dexter every week.    That one remains a mystery to me.

Overall, we both thought it was pretty good.   I'm definitely glad we watched it.   It was semi-late after we watched the movie and we were getting ready for bed when we noticed something.   We had a tiny mouse problem in the basement and we caught one in the trap we set out yesterday.  We got the humane traps and decided we needed to find a field to set it free in.   This was at 12:30am.  What?  That's normal, right?  So, off we went to let the little guy go.   Please don't think our house is dirty, I promise we do clean regularly, but we were stupid and had left a bag of Gizmo's food down there, so it was easily accessible.   We caught another (hopefully the last) this morning.  Last night I was freaking out about them and wouldn't go near the trap when Ryan got it.  I looked at the one this morning, he was just a tiny guy.   I took a picture of him as we set him free: see him in between those leaves?  So small.   Off ya go, buddy.  Here's hoping you make it in the wild and not someone else's home.
Once we got rid of that mouse prob this morning, I was off for a run.   It was perfect winter running weather - 40 degrees without any real wind and no snow.   I was feeling really good at first and started off at a great pace.   I did the first mile in 8:18, but slowed for the consecutive miles.   I ended up doing exactly 3.5 miles in 29:54.    It was a nice, comfortable run.    Plus, I looked all sorts of fancy in my BRIGHT pink high socks.
"But Mama, I'm tired, just let me nap, no more running!"   Fine Gizzy, you can nap now.  Speedwork later.

One last fun thing to share.  Go here to send some fun lovenotes to friends:  Lululemon lovenotes .   Love these <3

Here's to hoping you're having an all sorts of fabulous Saturday!

-What are you up to today?  Anything fun?
-Did you run?  How'd it go?   
-Racing this weekend?  What race?   Good luck/congrats!
-Are you a fan of scary/suspenseful movies?  If so, which is your fav?   I am deathly afraid of them.  I still get the creeps from The Exorcist.  


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