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Saying GoodBye

Posted Jan 30 2014 9:39am
Family picture from October 2013
I don't even know where to begin since I had no idea I'd be needing to say all this so soon. I know my talk of Morgan's cancer has been minimal so here is a brief overview
  • Early August 2013: He began limping on his rear right leg, vet thought maybe ACL injury
  • Late August: Stopped walking on right rear leg
  • Early September: Xrays showed a large tumor in his femur (osteosarcoma)
  • Sept 23rd: Met with oncologist at University and scheduled for biopsy and drug study
  • Sept 25th: Amputation (Due to the extent of tumor his bone was shattered so we pushed ahead quick and bypassed the study)
  • October 16th-Dec 11th: IV chemo every 3 weeks until Dec 11th when his lungs showed tumor growth meaning chemo was not working.
  • December 11th: Started oral chemo 3x week in hopes of slowing tumor growth
  • January 21st: Started seeing limping in front left leg
  • January 29th: Follow up with oncologist to look at leg and lungs to assess how oral chemo was working. Worst case we expected another leg tumor. Never expected what we heard...

The oncologist walked in, opened the Xrays and I could see it from across the room: an enlarged heart and bilateral pneumothorax (lung collapse). In a person I'd throw in a tube to release the air but Morgan's was due to tumor rupturing and would never repair. We heard the worst, he'd likely suffocate and stop breathing soon. This was it, time to say good bye. We knew it was coming but not this abruptly. We headed home to have time and let O say goodbye. I started to see that Morgan wasn't himself anymore and his breathing was worsening. We decided to meet with our own vet, which perked Morgan up. He loved them and they all loved him (he had recently spent 12 days there while we were on vacation). His quirky personality was unforgettable. And now the tears are flowing again. We have are great memories and pictures and will never forget our wonderful 8 years with you. I honestly can't even write more without losing it completely, but the memories are never ending. Now to figure out the best way to help a 4 year old through this too.

Ironically this was taken the day he was diagnosed and I found it on my phone yesterday

We love you Morgan, you fought hard!
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