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Saturday on my long run I was ta ...

Posted May 22 2009 11:52pm

Saturday on my long run I was talking to Jon about his running group (South Coast Road Runners).  They are a fairly large group here in Orange County that sometimes runs trails.  He invited me to join them which I just may do since I'll have more time soon.  He also said that their group has grown and in large part due to the internet.  I've always had a Yahoo page for my trail running group, but that doesn't show up in the search engines.  So, I'm going to use for my trail group.  If you are going to that address to read my blog you'll still be able to get to it but will have to click on the "blog" link.  If you are going to that will still work fine since that is technically where my blog is parked.

Wednesday is my "last" day at Nike.  In effort to keep me, my manager has given me 4 weeks off to decide if I want to leave for sure.  I'll be on the payroll for 4 more week and at this time it will either become official or not.  I'm certainly leaning toward making it official, but we'll see what the next 4 weeks brings me.

I got a blog comment recently from Veronica who wanted to know what my nutrition and eating looked like.  She 's curious to know what other women runners are eating to sustain all the running and racing.  I think that is a great idea so I'll put together a post in the next couple of days to talk about my eating habits - or lack thereof :)  haha.. you'll find out soon :)  I'd kinda like to see this from some others too if you are reading this and interested in participating.

Oh.  And I am moving - probably physically too.  My landlord is selling his house and it looks like I'll be moving Jan 1.  I REALLY wanted to buy it but there are a couple obstacles - no money to put down, asking price is too high, and my credit is currently only in fair-to-good shape.  It's possible that those could all be worked out, but not likely.  I'm spoiled living where I do being so close to the Santa Ana Mountain Trails, as well as miles and miles of trail in O'Neill Park and Whiting Ranch.  Part of me wonders about moving closer to work and more central Orange County, but the runner in me really wants to stay near the bulk of the trails.

So... in the next 4 months I have 7 races planned to run, need to train for them, need to pack in December and move Jan 1, and am putting together the Twin Peaks Ultra Feb 4th before I leave for Thailand on Feb 8th for a much needed vacation.  Should keep me busy (without Nike) that's for sure!

Happy Running,

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