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Saturday is the big climb!

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:48pm
My nephews John and Jeff, Brian, and I and maybe Taturcakes are invading Poteau this Saturday to conquer this little hill in SE Oklahoma. Poteau has two claims to fame. They are the home the most exteemed school (I will let the picture speak for itself!)
The other attraction in Poteau is The World's Highest Hill: Canaval Hill. It rises 1,999 feet from the base to the summit, just one foot short of being classified as a mountain. It is not the highest point in Oklahoma, but offers the most distance you can climb in the state without being called a mountain climber.

Oops, sorry! Actually, that is not really the real hill. I am a sicko! Here is the real mccoy, Canaval hill photographed from a distance. It is actually quite an impressive
"mountainous" looking hill. It shadows the whole town of Poteau and the sun goes down there 2 or 3 hours before it does anywhere else in Oklahoma. In fact, there are 3 weeks in the winter when the sun never even comes up!
A view from near the top shows some of the nice folage we will get to see. This should be maybe the absolute best week for seeing the fall colors.
Once we run our 5 miles to the top, and climb 1/5 of a mile in the process, we get to stand in awe in front of this monument and drink a couple beers. I plan then to jog back down. Why drive for 2 hours to a race in Poteau and not get at least a 10 mile run in?
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