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Posted Sep 27 2012 12:06pm
Today I had a difficult time talking myself out the door for my run! I have been doing really well with my plan to run at least 4 days and walk 1 or 2 days per week. Today was a challenge though! I had NO energy! I kept procrastinating and trying to come up with a good excuse for not running, but I couldn't think of ONE DARN REASON to blow off the run, so I FINALLY laced up the old running shoes and headed out!

Once I got out the door, it wasn't too bad, until I started up one of the horrible hills in my neighborhood and THEN.....that STUPID voice in my head started babbling! (Who IS that crazy old woman anyway?) She started saying the usual, "WHY are you doing this? You KNOW you are OLD, FAT, and SLOW!!" Seriously....WHY??" I really hate it when that nasty #itch shows up!!

Well, today, I kept on running and I guess there is a LOT of room for crazy in my head because all of a sudden there was a bad@ss voice talking even louder than the usual voice, saying; "Oh NO you are NOT OLD, FAT, and SLOW (well, maybe still slow!).....You are SASSY!!!" Wait, this voice sounded a lot like that of a certain sweetheart of a lady named Peaches who works for The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp!!!?? LOL!!

I don't know WHY I suddenly had that "Sassy" thing in my head, but I think that's my new mantra....
"FORGET... old, fat and slow....I am SASSY!!"
Think this is me?

The "Sassy" thing came from our visit to Camp for the gala. When Peaches was commenting on Ray and I and our outfits (especially the flower in my hair and Ray's hat!)......and I said something about being old, she said, "You're not are SASSY!"

Sassy Pam and Ray at Gala
I guess I should thank Peaches for my new mantra?! Maybe not just a mantra, maybe a nickname? Sassy Pam? I haven't had a nickname since that year between 5th and 6th grade when someone gave me the wonderful name of "Pamela Plump Plump".......LOVELY, huh?? Gee, I WONDER why I have body image issues??? 
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