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San Francisco recap

Posted Aug 01 2011 4:51pm
Aloha from Hawaii! I’m off to Pearl Harbour now, but I’ll give you a quick (long!!) recap of my time in San Francisco…


It all started with an 11 hour flight. And as someone who finds it hard to sit still through a movie (I think I have ADD), this was torture. I am definitely not looking forward to the 21 hour flight back home from Hawaii!! The plane food was actually surprisingly good though! I told them in advance that I was a vegan, and they had everything sorted! Bean curry with rice and vegetables, with a side salad, rye bread and a muesli bar on the side.

Chickpea salad with another muesli bar.


I tried to act my age and sit through the ‘grown-up’ movie, but I couldn’t resist some good ol’ fashioned Disney on the kid’s channel ;)

ROBIN HOOD!! I used to watch that pretty much daily as a kid. And if you haven’t seen it then you are MISSING OUT!! I also worrked my way through my new favourite running magazine and the whole of Room, which is an AMAZING book and I really recommend it!

After what felt like half my lifetime, and with a failed attempt to carry out my usual Sunday long run up and down the aisles of the plane, we FINALLY arrived at the airport. Where I was treated to a full pat-down/molesting. Thank you security for that treat. Anyway, we were staying at the Hilton hotel in Union Square, which was a great hotel!

Made all the better by the Starbucks in the lobby(!!), which meant I could roll out of bed and have their Perfect Oatmeal waiting for me every morning. Perfection :) That was my breakfast every morning. Oatmeal with a Kind Bar and glazed cashews with pomgranate and vanilla, which are the best nuts I have ever had!!


Before breakfast, I hit the gym bright and early. I would LOVE to have been able to run outside and see San Fran, but I’m still not cleared to run on roads yet, because my shin splints are still lurking there somewhere. But I’m not complaining too much because the treadmills had proper TV’s!! :D

This was new to me, and I LOVED it!! It was also probably a good thing because San Francisco must be the hilliest place ON EARTH!! It was insane!! But such a beautiful place :)


San Francisco was possibly the best place I’ve been to so far eating wise! There was SO many vegan-friendly options, and I was totally in love with the fact that they sold yummy bars in pretty much every coffee shop in town! Other favourite eats included:

Beet and quinoa salad, with a side of the BEST sweet tater fries I have ever had: Spicy Lentil Wrap from TJ’s:

TJ’s VEGAN CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES which were totally demolished: Vegan pizza, which again was demolished single-handedly…

A spinach and tofu Naanwich from WFs and a organic vegan donut from Pepples (hidden in the bag):

I didn’t have a single thing there that I didn’t love. I think I need to move countries. Especially for more vegan donuts ;)


My favourite places in San Francisco were Pier 39...

…Golden Gate bridge and Park…

…Union Square, because the shops were awesome! There was even my HEAVEN, which was a huge Nike store, and I found the coolest Tempo shorts EVER! I regret not getting those.

And of course, TJ’s and Whole Foods! :P

I am seriously worried about getting home now. Even if all that fits in my suitcase, there’s then the weight limit to worry about…! I’m sure I’ll be able to bribe them with a Clif bar and it will all be fine :)


Ever been to San Francisco? What is your favorite city?

P.S. Sorry if my formatting/spelling is bad! I’m using the hotel’s Mac to post and I’ve never actually used one before…so confusing!!

P.P.S. Also sorry for the lack of commenting/replies!! I’ll promise I’ll catch up when I get back and whenever I can :)


Have a GREAT day friends!! Love and hugs!! <3

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