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Sacroiliac Joint (S.I. Joint) dysfunction and running. How to deal, what works for me.

Posted Jul 04 2011 9:33pm
I've been getting this question a lot so I thought I would blog about it.

People have been asking me about my "hip" and what it feels like/ what I do about it. In college I was misdiagnosed with piriformis syndrome and ran hurt 75% of the time. It was not until I was out of college that a chiropractor convinced me that this was definitely not the case.

What it feels like: Besides serious hamstring tightness and a bad achilles, about 3 miles into a race or hard tempo run, my hip starts to cramp along the inside of my hamstring down to my knee. I will then have trouble bending the leg at the knee and start to "lose control" of my left leg. My lower back will cramp up. My pace and form will really suffer. Sometimes will get relief after about 4 miles of this awkwardness.

Over the years I have tried everything and anything, and felt that the reduced running schedule while pregnant may help the issue. Of course, pregnancy did not help and the joint pain returned almost immediately. After talking with a few female friends I finally found myself again at physical therapy at OCH (the local hospital).

TO be completely honest, if you suffer from S.I. problems you are probably going to suffer with this problem for life. Everyone I have ever talked to regarding this injury is that you never get over with it, but you can do things to keep it from flaring up.

What is different about this time versus all others is that I finally found a P.T. that deals with her own S.I. problems, and she never twisted, pounded, or pushed to hard. We worked everything slowly and diligently and thus I was able to complete my first marathon successfully.

What worked for me was a combination of my S.I. exercises twice a day on my own, P.T for the S.I. joint problems 3 times a week, and a session with a sports massage therapist on average of once a week. I am not over the S.I problems, but I am able to train without interruption.

Here is a video that describes this problem in great detail
Here are a few recommended exercises. Please keep in mind that you should not do any of these without discussing your injury with you doctor...and I am not a doctor! Hope this helps.

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