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Runs, WII, Coffee and Moby Dick

Posted Aug 27 2009 11:34pm
-= Weekend! =-
Time flies when you have none. Like many other running bloggers, I found it hard to get in the runs I wanted to do the previous week. In order to get our much needed sleep, I did not take the time to do any blogging after my evening run last Thursday. Instead, we went to sleep very early - in fact, we were asleep before our heads hit the pillows. This weekend promises to bring some relative rest. Our resolution, being forced to stay close to home - or at least near a computer - and the weather being wet and dreary, is to invest in some world-class quality time with WII. The Prince of Persia, The Sims - Castaway and Resident Evil have been without us far too long. In addition, using WII to read my RSS feeds and track your blogposts on a big-screen TV cannot be bad.

-= Runs =-
Thank you, all fellow runners/bloggers for the advise on trainings and recovery days and runs. It has been a great help in deciding what to do with my running-life. As mentioned in my previous post, my running habits were becoming a bit stale. I found that incorporating your advice in my schedule definitely helps in making training fun and injury-free again.

Previous Thursday, the HM schedule required me to do a 50 min. medium tempo run. I decided to do my 3k loop three times, irrespective of the time this would take me. As it turned out, the 48:47 minutes was close enough to the goal for that day.
The stats:

Date:8 July 2009
Total distance: 9 k
Total duration: 48:47 min.
Avg. pace: 5:25 min/k

The countdown to the Amsterdam half shows 99 more days. To be honest, I am quite confident about the distance. I do not, however, look forward to the GREAT number of participants. If it is anything like the CPC 10K, there is no hope of running ones own race.

Today, I went for my long run. As mentioned before, doing long runs, while being confined to the direct vicinity of ones home can be very boring. However, now seeing the use of long slow runs, I did not want to switch today's run for a different run in the schedule. Still preparing for out trip to the cinema to see the new Harry Potter film, I spent a very pleasant hour and a half, reading at least 6 chapters of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
The stats:

Date:11 July 2009
Total distance: 15.3 k
Total duration: 1:33:20
Avg. pace: 6:06 min/k

-= Books =-
As I mentioned before, Moby Dick is one of the books in my top-5 favorites. As reading about great stories is at least as much fun as reading the great stories themselves, one of the blogs I track is Each of the blogposts deals with a chapter of the book and explains some of the symbolism contained in them. With the shortening days (and the looming runs in the dark and eventually in the dark, wind and rain), I was reminded of Chapter 23, The Lee Shore. The seemingly great difference between the comfort and warmth of house and the wildness of the weather feels very much like the difference between the lee shore and being out at sea in heavy weather. Check out the relevant blogpost for a short discussion on the chapter.

Anyway, anyone interested in the book should definitely check the blog.

Btw @runninglaur, the name of the coffee place is inspired by the name of Ahab's chief mate in Moby Dick

When we were looking for a logo when Starbucks began in 1971, we wanted to capture the seafaring tradition of early coffee traders. The name Starbucks itself comes from the first mate’s name in the classic novel, Moby Dick.

Oh yes, all this book-talk reminds me of my plans to bore you with my book top-5 in a future post :-D. There is no escape...
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