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Running & Zooma

Posted Dec 12 2012 4:25pm

Since running and I are [not] getting along so well lately, how about an entire post dedicated to the sport? I mean, that makes sense, right?

In the spirit of catching up, since I took such a nice long break from blogging , I feel that I also owe you a nice little update about Zooma . And by update, I mean I should probably tell you about it in the first place.

What [I feel like] was a long time ago, they sent out a call for Texas ambassadors… I was intrigued, I mean, I blog and run and they seem like a pretty legit little group of runners and racers, so why not respond?

Lucky for me, they seemed to like me too, and they signed me all up to be an ambassador. You can see my smiling face right here . Except, my hair was much longer then. Probably because that picture was taken last summer. But that’s how I wish my hair looked right now, so I went with it.

And then I completely stopped blogging. Ambassador for the win! I’m surprised they didn’t kick me out. Instead, they just sent me Facebook friend requests. And, naturally, I accepted. We shall be BFFs forever, now!


I’m sure you’ve probably heard from other bloggers by this point, because I am notoriously bad at falling behind on things, but they’re putting on the Muscle Milk Half Marathon Challenge . With my recent break-up from the marathon, I’m crossing my fingers I can make this half marathon happen.

The challenge is a pretty cool one, and, in the words of my email buddy Erika from Zooma, “The challenge is designed for runners with some base to go to the half marathon distance.  We provide support and encouragement through our ambassadors … Also, these ladies will get a tech tee, free race entry, and participation in some special events.”

Pretty good stuff.

If you’ve been interested in bumping up to the half marathon distance, I strongly suggest checking this out. Just clickety click that little link 3 paragraphs up. And who knows, maybe I could even give you some support! Or at least lament long distance running with you.

In even more marathon news, I got this email today, which made me start to question if I should actually be running the marathon or not:


Truth: I’m pretty sad I won’t be taking advantage of my A corral assignment.

Next time. Hopefully.

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