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Running with Flat Feet: What You Can Do to Make it Doable

Posted Oct 09 2012 2:05pm

A Low Arch Can Cause a Lot of Problems When Running

Though running is a great workout and a good challenge for those who wish to test their speed or endurance, not everyone is a natural at it. Unfortunately, some people are born with a natural disadvantage to running, specifically flat-footed people. Having flat feet is detrimental to running because, unlike naturally formed feet, there is no arch to absorb any impact your feet receive from hitting the floor. Not only that, but because your feet can’t absorb the force induced during running, stress fractures may occur.

That doesn’t mean that a flat-footed person can’t run at all. I’ve heard tons of stories about runners with flat feet who have gone as far as running marathons with little to no problem. All that matters is that you work out your legs and feet more to compensate for the lack of the arch. It also helps to have special running shoes to assist in your running as well. There are several little routines you can do to strengthen your flat feet. Walking in sand helps as it forces your feet to adapt to the sands shiftiness as you step on it. Make sure to take it easy; you don’t want your feet killing you. Another tip is to try standing on your toes in reps for a few minutes. It helps build that endurance for the lack of an arch.

Running isn’t impossible with flat-footed people, but depending on the severity, certain things have to be considered. For example, if you truly wish to run while having extremely straight feet, it is suggested to run strictly on flat surfaces- no hills or multi-terrain areas. The most essential thing to have is custom running shoes that have an artificial arch on it. That will significantly compensate your feet’s lack of an arch. With enough training and investment for your custom running shoes, you’ll be running marathons in no time…given you train hard for it.


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