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Running while travelling

Posted by robr2001

For those of you that need to travel on business, getting exercise is important yet also a pain sometimes. The fitness facilities in the hotel are usually dull and machines are basic. Alternatively, I like to run. It allows me to explore the area and gets me outside, even in winter (obviously wearing climate appropriate clothing). My business travels have taken me to many parts of the US as well as Europe and Asia. There are many experiences I have had, one of which I outline below. I was at a meeting in Windsor, England. In the morning, I got up early for my morning run. Normally, I run 3-5 miles so that morning, I started by heading toward Windsor Castle. Of course, the entrance is closed except to visitors at specific hours but I was able to run around the castle and see inside at various strategic points getting a glimpse of the majestry and history of this wonderful building. Beyond the castle, I explored this small town making my way through the narrow streets and lanes watching the morning rituals of the local merchants as they started their day. I also had a sense of the history as I envisioned horse drawn carriages bustling their way through these routes. I continued through the town into the countryside which was a breath of fresh air. The sun was rising and the cool of the morning gave me comfort as I continued my run. I did, however, need to watch the cars closely as the number of runners in old Windsor is few and cars are not accustomed to sharing the road (unlike my days of running along the Charles River in Boston where some mornings on the trail felt like rush hour...). I gained a very different view of Windsor because of my running. I experienced parts of the town I would not have seen just walking around and being in the countryside outside is not like driving through it as I can see houses and people up close and sense how the locals lived their lives. I would not have had this exposure unless I adopted running as a lifestyle.
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