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Running Update from Mexico

Posted Jun 09 2009 11:42am

This article is the second in a series that provides updates on running in Mexico.  When we sent out our call for help for the Lounge, we were delighted to have Amaury De Leon respond and offer to bring regular news from the running world in Mexico. 

Amaury is a Mexican guy that loves his wife, run and guitar playing. A runner for a little more than one year and huge fan of 10 k' s. Amaury (aka Atrusni) has a goal to run at least one 10k race per month and is striving to keep his time on the 10k below the 60 minutes mark. Atrusni lives in the Northeastern part of Mexico, in a city that is on the border with the US.  From there, he travels to cities (no more than 150 miles) around his hometown to compete on running races.

Running Update from Mexio, 5k in Cuernavaca  

by Amaury de Leon  

Hello everyone!! Welcome to this second article of the “updates from  Amuary foot Mexico” section on Runners Lounge! I was thinking on running a race about two weeks ago, now that things are coming back to normal in Mexico, but I got a second degree sprain on my ankle by playing soccer.  

Therefore, I took the opportunity to interview a friend of mine,  Ivan Fabre (Hot Fabre 53), who had his first 5 km race (making a great time of 24 minutes and 49 seconds) on the city of Cuernavaca, Morelos!!

Now, before I go on to the interview, here is a little bit of history of Cuernavaca:



Cuernavaca(Classical Nahuatl: CuauhnāhuacIPA: [kʷawˈnaːwak]) is the capital and largest city of thestateofMorelosinMexico.

Mexico map The city was founded by the aztecs, one of the seven tribes nahatlacas. Back in the prehispanic era, the main activity was the farming of cotton. Back then, the city was called Cuauhnahuac.(in Nahuatl language) The name of the city suffered alterations when the Spanish came to the New World until getting the name of Cuernavaca.

Cuernavaca is know for its great weather (the average temperature during the year is 23 C, 73 F), and it is commonly knows as the “city of the eternal spring”.

Cuernavaca has several museums and places of interest for turism like:


  • Cuauhuanauc Museum: (Cortes Palace) Regional Museum of History and Archaeology (downtown)

  • Museum of the City of Cuernavaca: small city museum with changing exhibits; Morelos Avenue North

  • El Castillo (the Little Castle): photography museum of the city; former watchtower during the construction of the Porfirio Diaz Bridg

  • Juarez Museum (inside Borda Garden). Small museum devoted to President Benito Juarez.

  • Museum of Herbal Medicine (inside Casa de Maximiliano; La Casa del Olvido in Acapantz

  • David Alfaro Siqueiros home and workshop. Former home and workshop of this Mexican muralist. Siqueiros Park, Colonia Jardines de Cuernavaca.

  • Muros (Cuernavaca Children' s Museum) Features murals painted by David Alfaro Siqueiros. Located near MegaComercial and Costco

  • Brady Museum: private art collection, downtown.

Note: Information taken from Wikipedia

Now, lets get to the interview. This is the second friend that has started running, and I am extremely motivated to feel that maybe, only maybe I have made an influence in these people to run!!

What was the most memorable moment on this your first 5k race?

I felt a lot of expectation since days before, until the day the event started. I was excited to see that many runners with their special gadgets and professional clothes warming up and making previous exercises, but I got a feeling of accomplishment when I saw my rank on a position that I consider quite acceptable, considering that I am an amateur runner!!

Do you believe you will run a race in the future?

Of course!!, I will start preparing myself for the months of July and August to run the second phase of this ASPID POWERADE CUERNAVACA circuit. It may be to improve my 5KM or to race the 10Km


What convince you to run your first race?


I like the idea of proving myself that I am capable of doing any thing. Also, I like the idea that on a race, everyone competes, amateurs, professionals, etc!!. Also, it was a personal challenge to finish in one piece the 5 KM run.

How did you prepare yourself for this race?

I studied the route with advance, I trained running the bikeroute of Cuernavaca every day. I tried to eat light meals and maintained myself hydrated the days before, I slept very well and that’s it!!. I did not had a professional training, I just followed the basic steps that Atrusni de Leon gave me!!

Do you believe that the running sport has enough popularity in Mexico??

I think it does, and I know believe it more after seeing the high amount of runners that participated, including foreign runners, national running clubs, amateurs, etc.

Are there enough facilities in Cuernavaca to train?

There are running clubs, also, there are places to train different kind of sports (cycling, free sport evens, parks, etc.) Also, the weather is great and there are a lot of sponsors interested on these type of events

What did you do not liked of the run or the event?

That the event was used as a political campaign by several participants of the race. Even though it was an event completely different for this type of practices. It is really disgusting to see how political campaigns use every type of social event to promote their interests. We have enough with the political propaganda in the streets and the media to tolerate them also on sporting events.

Lastly, would you recommend to other people to start getting involved on the running sport?

Yes. I think that they will get a positive experience that maybe it will go beyond their expectations. Also, it is a good way to promote the family union, health and other things!



5k race pic

A picture of Ivan Fabre with his two new best friends!

Note: On the previous article, I forgot to mention that the picture was taken by a friend called Dr. Barrera. Sorry doc!!, won’t happen again!!

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