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Running to Me: Mental Strength & Fitness – I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Posted Feb 04 2013 11:22am

Show of hands if you have ever struggled with a goal? From running a marathon to having the willpower to get through Valentine’s without inhaling an entire box of mystery chocolates.

Guts. Street cred. Stamina. Brass ones. Whatever you call it, mental strength separates the pros from the joes.

As many of us look to dominate 2013, don’t sell yourself short. Often times I’ll read blogs or talk to friends about goals but the conversation shifts to discussions of not having time for training, feelings of uncertainty, an injury, or something holding them back. Early excuses to easily back out of commitment.

You have to be in the right head space to believe in yourself and accomplish what you set after.

Outside Magazine’s feature, The Sports Shrink , features an interview with psychologist to elite athletes, Michael Gervais. His most recent client was Red Bull’s spaceman Felix Baumgartner. Without Gervais, Red Bull’s massive project would have been cancelled. He’s good.

Of the things Gervais practices, five core mental skills he teaches clients: visualization, self-talk, arousal control, goal setting, and pre-performance routines.

“A lot of what I do is getting people to develop a sense of insight into how they work best and then the conviction to commit to that way,” he says, “even when it’s difficult or goes against what most people are doing.”

His clients don’t need motivation. They’re disciplined, regimented, and driven, accustomed to both pain and deprivation, and they often have high-stakes incentives for self-improvements… “Most of us want to grow, but few want to do the hard work to change,” he says. “The greatest have a vision, and they commit to follow it. They have great capacity to experience what’s uncomfortable, because they know that’s the way to self-mastery.”

It’s time for you to start being that little engine that could. If you are confident that you can accomplish what you are set out to do, with the law of attraction, you will perform better than those that don’t.

Get your head in the game. A positive attitude is scientifically proven to make a difference.

How do you get in the zone?

- Nichole

(Nichole’s motto is to take life, fitness and well-being in stride. Nichole is an overall sports enthusiast with a serious love for running, cycling, triathlons, hiking, skiing, and well, almost anything outdoors. Nichole believes working out and staying fit should be a lifestyle and not “work.” You can check her out on her blog  LivefortheRun , or follow along on Twitter  @livefortherun .)

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