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Running Tips

Posted by Swati S.

Running is a good exercise because you can get fresh air, and stay healthy. 1. It's a good muscular exercise for working-out different muscles. For example, the thigh muscles in the front and the back, the butt, the abs and the calves. 2. Position is very important. Keep the body upright, and pull in your tummy. Keep the arms slightly bent to makes strides efficient. 3. During running, the back foot should give a good push-off with each step. 4. Wear running shoes that are a good fit. 5. Try listening to music while running. It helps to track away the monotony and you also relax by listening to music you enjoy. 6. Running is a cardio workout and it helps to burn calories. If you run at a moderate intensity for 30 minutes, you burn around 360 calories. 7. Try this run-walk routine for a good workout. Run briskly for a few minutes until your body gets tired. Then switch to walking to help the body recover and then again run for a some time.
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Running has been proven to be the form of exercise that is most taxing on your joints, however one of the best in terms of keeping up your heart rate. Note for point #7, it's been proven that a walk/run combo is just about as effective as a straight run (and is easier on your body!) The reason is that, your heart rate stays accelerated even after you've stopped running. So, if you break it up you're still getting about the full benefit of a run!
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