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Running Tips - For Beginners

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Patience is a virtue. Don't feel bad if you can only run for 15 minutes at first. It takes time to build endurance.
Rest is good. Build rest into your schedule. rest is just as important of an element as exercise in your fitness plan.
Reverse split. Practice running faster in the second half of your runs.
Run in one place. Try running on a treadmill if you don't feel like running outside.
Start out slow. Start out slow. At first, Run At a pace that you can still carry on a conversation.
Stretch it out. do stretch after you run.
Trails are softer. Try running on trails. They're softer.
Wear sunscreen. Wear sunscreen, even in winter.
Work your way up. If you decide to train for longer runs, do not try a marathon as your first race. Work your way up gradually.
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