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Running tips for beginners

Posted Jan 23 2012 9:54pm

Lately I’ve been running with my wife. She’s a bit slower than me but I enjoy running with her and it helps me keep the pace under control during my injury recovery.

She is a relatively new runner but she’s definitely getting faster. I was really impressed today when she went out in the cold and rainy weather.

I saw this list of running tips for beginners that she might find useful.

Here are the ones that I think are most useful.

1. Wear Spandex to cut down on chafing. It works!
4. Running clothes can motivate you to run.
5. Buy running clothes at the end of the year, it’s cheaper

7. Volunteer at races. Helps you understand what a race is like.

8. Say “Thank You” to race volunteers.

13. Sign up for a race. Very motivating.
14. Run with a partner.

16. Don’t give up, it gets easier.

20. Don’t expect every run will be better than the previous.

28. Lose weight and running will be easier.

35. Use Vaseline or body glide

38. Keep track of your mileage and change shoes when needed

49. Don’t stretch. It doesn’t help

53. Don’t try new things (clothes, food) on race day.

60. Run facing traffic.
61. Assume cars can not see you
63. Always carry an ID

86. Run harder at the end than at the beginning.
88. Bring your running gear with you wherever you go.

91. Rest when needed.

94. Wear sunscreen

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