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Running shoes please.....

Posted Jun 22 2011 9:23am
Last week I spent 3 days with a bunch of teenagers from my church. I plan on posting about my experience, it was difficult mentally, and physically.... just waiting on some pics from others who went. I forgot my camera. I was very grateful to be in shape and in marathon condition. I am so grateful for my health.

I Love my Active Bands.

The hubby and I started our marathon training this week. I don't usually follow a specific plan. I kind of just do my own thing. But since this will be hubby's first full marathon, we decided to have a written schedule to tell us what we should be doing. (Hal Higdon) The marathon we are running, which is Oct 16Th, is flat and fast.

I have 433 miles on my "newest" running shoe. I do alternate my shoes, and I don't usually wear the same shoe 2 days in a row. I always know when it's time for new shoes. My shins start telling me... first kindly, and if I ignore them, then they start to scream. I didn't want them to start screaming this go-around, so I ordered some on Monday. I always buy my running shoes from In fact, I buy everything from there. Their customer service is awesome and it's free shipping, and I don't think I have ever waited more then 3 days to receive my goodies.

*How many miles do you put on your shoes before you NEED a new pair?
*Where do you buy your running gear?
*Do you like to follow a training plan?
*Have you checked out yet? You should.

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