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Running Season Has Begun!

Posted Apr 07 2011 11:42pm

Good Thursday night, Friends!

Today was a good day!  I am feeling better AND I didn’t complain to my coworkers all day that  I had mono, chronic fatigue and/or fibromyalgia (haha).  I didn’t work out last night and I went to bed at a decent time.  Oh and I chugged a Gatorade before bed, which I think was the cure.

I forced myself to go to spin class after work, even though I was still feeling the effects of housing half a bag of Garrett’s popcorn yesterday (blaaaah).  Mindless desk snacking is one of my worst habits.  I’ve been known to eat a whole bag of candy corn without realizing it (yeah, I’m a hoss).  Spin class kinda sucked tonight.  I forgot the bikes at the Loop Equinox don’t have monitors/consoles and because I’m not a “real” cycler, I have a hard time judging how hard I’m going.  I know I didn’t have enough resistance  when I noticed my heart rate was only at 140 when I was supposed to be on a “steep hill”.   I’m a visual learner… I need to know where my RPMs are!  This probably also why I’m in loooove with my Garmin watch for running!

Speaking of running, I went to a kick off meeting for my summer running group , so I’ve been giddy all night with the excitement of running season. Our coach, Kimberly , is so awesome. She is so sweet, yet hardcore and b.a. at the same time.  She is a great motivator for us, as she is an amazing athlete herself.   We are using Training Peaks , this year to track our workouts.  I’ve never legitimately tracked my workouts… well if you don’t count crossing off the days on the Hal Higdon schedule I have hanging in my cube at work… so I am hoping it helps me stay on track.  I hope it works the way people say writing down your food will help you lose weight!

Our  weekly training  routine this spring/summer consists of track workout on Tuesday mornings, tempo runs on Wednesday nights and long runs along the lake on Saturday mornings.  I looooove having workout routines like this.   I am so pumped for our first track workout, which is next Tuesday.  Seriously nothing is better than having a kick ass workout completed before work.   Our first tempo run is next Wednesday and will be a 5K time trial, which Kimberly will use to forecast race, long run and speed workout paces for each of us.  We will have several 5k time trials throughout the season to account for our increased fitness and speed.  So awesome!  I’m a running nerd, I know.

How can you NOT love running in Chicago?! (Yeah, just go ahead and ignore the 3ft of snow )

Our meeting was held at the Lululemon on Michigan Ave (Kimberly is a Lulu Ambassador – yeah, she rules), so I headed up to the Gold Coast after spin class.  I love that part of the city… as evidenced by the touristy pictures I take every time I walk the streets. There are always so many tourists there, so I blend right in while snapping shots.

Base of the Hancock

Water Tower is so pretty at night

Daaaa Hancock

Chicago/State Redline L Station

On a non running related note, has anyone ever heard of “ Flat Stanley “?  Well I hadn’t either, but I agreed to take him around the Loop today with a friend.  Her nephew needed some pics of FS for school.  Apparently, kids have a FS  as a school project  and they have friends/family take pics of the lil guy in random places.  He is pretty popular too.  I can’t even tell you how many people stopped us to say “Oh Flat Stanley! I just took him around for my son/daughter/grandchild/etc!”.  Flat Stanley is sweeping the nation!!!! Today he visited our office building, Sears Tower, Chicago River and The Sun Times.  Here are a few of my Flat Stanley pics (the rest are on my friend’s camera – I had no reason to take pics, I just thought it was amusing). I have no shame, so I was acting like a crazy person while posing the thing in places.

Flat Stanley at the Sears Tower!

Flat Stanley at BofA Plaza!

BofA Plaza in all its glory. I'm going to miss working in this building!


Goodnight! Love, Matthew Cat

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