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Running Program...what do you think?

Posted by Jane N.

I found this running "schedule" online, let me know what you think of it!;s=2_3;site=1

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I checked out that running schedule and I have to say that I found it really hard to get started running, but I preferred starting by focusing on running straight through rather than run/walking. I think either way is fine, but my preference is to start focusing on 20 minute runs and slowly work your way up. Music makes a big difference to me -- I think putting together a fabulous running mix can really help.
Thank you. I appreciate the perspective of someone who understands it's hard to start running. Yes, music is a definite must. If I get to the gym and forget my ipod I will go home just to get it. Thanks for the input, I'll try that. Perhaps the whole running/walking idea was just to get your mind off of it anyhow.

It looks like a reasonable program. I especially like the suggestion to stretch the schedule out if you find it too strenuous for your body. Here are a few ways to tell if the program is too much for you. You huff and puff during the running parts, you have pain in your side or a sore throat, you can't talk very well with a running partner, your knees and/or legs feel sore during or after the jogging part, you lose your enthusiasm for the workouts. If you have those symptoms, try going slower, jog for less than the specified time, or walk longer than the specified time.

It's good that you're only doing the program for 3 days per week. Your body needs the rest between the 3 days. Jogging actually damages your body cells, and it is during the rest after a workout that your body repairs the damage and in the process becomes stronger. So, don't skip the rest. It's probably OK to do light crosstraining, such as light cycling, swimming, walking, on the days between your workouts. Just keep the cross training light, in terms of stress on your body.

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