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Running on Uneven Surfaces and a Special Smoothie

Posted Aug 12 2012 2:39pm
I have been making an effort this week to eat more protein, and fewer carbs... grains in particular, so I started the day with a protein pancake...

These have become a staple in my diet and if you are interested in the recipe and the method I did a post on my food blog  We can begin to feed ...  a while back... simple, easy and delicious.  You can find the recipe on that link.

This past week I got out for a couple of shortish runs around the park that is across the street from where we live now... the perimeter is about 3.75 km. 

When I run around the park with The Captain, we actually run across the street from around the perimeter, because he likes to run on concrete or pavement when he can.  The park side of the route has several surfaces as you make your way round... paved pathway, bark trail, short grass where there is no formal trail and then an area where you must cross the street to carry on so that is paved road or concrete sidewalk.

The last 2 times around, I have been by myself so I stayed on the park side to try out the various surfaces.  I think that the bark feels nice underfoot because it is soft to land on but I do think it makes me a bit slower than when I run on pavement or concrete.  There doesn't seem to be any spring to it.

But I do like running on the short mowed grass.  I am aware that the surface is a bit uneven so it makes me lift my feet a bit higher I think.

I was enjoying it so much today that I extended it just a short way and ended up running 4 km in 26 minutes which is quite fast for me.

W2 R26 @10/1 W2
stretch 10  minutes

After I cooled down and stretched and drank a few glasses of water, I remembered reading this post at The Athletarian about a Blueberry Peach Cobbler Smoothie... and I decided to try it out.

I asked The Captain if he would like one too, and he thought he shouldn't cause he hadn't 'earned' it but I made him one anyway... couldn't have him drooling while he watched me enjoy mine, right?

I added a bit of Splenda to The Captain's as he likes things a bit sweeter than I do... no sweetener for me.  They were delicious!  And with the addition of yogurt, very filling... I think lunch will be put off for another couple of hours at least.

Check out Christina's blog post at that same link to find the recipe and also information about a giveaway ... a copy of Tosca Reno's EAT-CLEAN DIET Vegetarian Cookbook.

Do you like protein smoothies?  What is your favorite kind?

Do you run on bark trails or short grass rather than pavement or concrete, where you can?  Any tips for me about the bark trails?
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