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Running Naked?!?

Posted Nov 04 2012 6:09pm

Okay, so I wasn't really running naked (thank goodness!), but when my Timex running watch bit the dust 15 minutes into today's run, I felt, well... naked!
Timex Ironman 30-LapSource:

Being an interval runner, I rely on my watch and its methodical beeping to let me know when to run and when to walk, but today turned out to be entirely different.

And .... I was pleasantly (mostly) surprised at what happened next. Let's call it making lemonade out of lemons ....

On the down side, I had no way to track my time and no way to track intervals.

On the up side, though, I quickly discovered that without the watch's beeping, I was free to improvise - running and walking when I wanted.  This could have been a negative, but instead it went something like this....
At first, it was a game of, "Okay, now run to that sign.  Then, walk to that mailbox.... " This was fine for a little while, but before I knew it (and without really planning it), I kind-of-accidentally found myself doing a slow, consistent " marathon shuffle " - a term I learned from a running buddy who helped me find my way toward longer distances a few years ago.
 My pace was super-slow, but incredibly consistent, and I continued it for nearly all of my run.  Now THAT was something new for me, indeed!   And, it felt pretty darn good!!    I'm sure to onlookers, I looked like a decrepit old horse out there, with both knees bound by knee straps and a pace slower than molasses on a cold winter morning, but hey, I was moving faster than folks hanging out on their couches, right? And faster than I had the past few months (let's call it what it is!)....    :)   To his credit, Cliff Young won his Ultra Marathon at 61, moving at that same pace.  (Side Note:  I didn't know this part of the shuffle story until I was writing this post.)   So, what about the watch and my time?  I have no flipping idea! Since the darn thing stopped, started, zero'd out, and started again, I only know approximately when I began my run and when I stopped.  Yes, I could have taken my phone out, but that was too much trouble in the middle of a run....  just.wasn't.happening.  Instead, I focused on T.O.F. (Time On Feet) as I thought about the upcoming Space Coast Half Marathon - only 3 Sundays away now - and the growing fatigue in my body that was still (thankfully) moving forward ....   Running naked? Well, sort of...   Running successfully? Definitely!    Another run in the books and another lesson learned....   Now, on to my letter to Timex... two years old, no abuse, and it just died??  What's up, Timex? It didn't keep on ticking!   Happy Running!         

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