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Running Naked

Posted Dec 21 2010 12:00am
Well, I did it for the first time today.  I ran naked.  (That would be sans ipod.  Get your mind out of the gutter, people.  Hehe).  It sucked.  I wish I could say I loved it.  I didn't.  Not one little bit.  Instead, I complained in my head the entire time and I only ran 2 miles.  I know a good portion of people run without their ipods all the time, especially marathoners, since they don't always allow them.  I'm not at that point yet.  I'd like to be someday, but alas, today was not that day.

I was in a hurry when packing my gym bag and forgot it.  I've forgotten it before and have said, "screw it, I'm not working out."  I decided today was not going to be one of those days.  I hopped on the good ol mill and started at it.  The first minute or two was okay.  I had a few people to watch, so it kept me entertained.  I glanced around and paid more attention to my breathing, my arms (making sure I didn't have dino arms or flailing chicken arms - neither are pretty), and that I wasn't running flat footed.  I admitted, it wasn't that bad.  It was doable.  I glanced at the clock:  3:43.  Dear God, I was sure I had been on here for at least 10 minutes.  Oy.  I kept on trekking.

The first mile was rough.  I felt hot and gross and just wanted off the darn thing.  The second  mile, I decided not to be such a wimp and turned up the speed.  I did okay for a few minutes, then had to turn it back down.  I finished in 16:42.  Not my best time, but I've done worse.

I finished my treadmill (definitely dreadmill today) time with another 1/4 mile walking at a high speed and changing my incline from 12.0  - 15.0 every 30 seconds.  Overall, it was an okay workout.  I rounded it out with 15 minutes of weights, followed by ab work and stretching.  I'm glad I didn't just leave, but I know it wasn't spectacular.  At least I can say I did it.  Possibly one day I'll even learn to enjoy it.

In other news, I came home to this beauty today from my grandma

They are yummmmmmy petit fours, thanks grandma!  It did say "Seasons Greetings", but I ate the S.  Oops :)  Wonder how many miles I'll have to run to burn off the calories from those babies?

I'll leave you with these final questions:

Can you run without your ipod?  If so, what do you usually focus on?
What is your favorite holiday treat?
Any guess as to how many miles I'd have to run to burn off those calories?
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