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Running Injury

Posted by Todd

I had a very high intensity running workout on treadmill with maximum incline and pace.  The next day I had swelling in my vein from the middle of my left leg, between the calf and bone, all the way up to my thigh.  It was and is sore and warm to the touch.  The vein where the most trauma appears to have occurred feels hard to the touch.  Any ideas?
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Todd, it's been a while since you made your post. How are you feeling now? Was that intense workout something you've been doing more or less regularly, or was it the first time for that kind of a workout? If it was the first time, then you probably did too much for your current condition.

Running with a maximum incline and pace puts a very big stress on your body. Try running higher incline or higher speed but not both at the same time.

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