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Running in the Nemo Aftermath

Posted Feb 11 2013 6:15am

Nemo put a damper on my first  Soul.Train  class.  The instructor was physically unable to make it to the studio because of the T being shut down. I was bummed but definitely understood. I enjoyed all my workouts at home but I needed to change it up. With Soul.Train out of the question, Dave and I made an attempt to go for a run outside.

I know a lot of people say that they don’t like to run until the weather is nice. I’m not one of those people. It just makes me want to do it even more because I feel badass that I went out in the cold, rain, sleet, or snow to get my workout done. I realize that I might think “badass” while others (who are actually sane) might think “stupid.”  I also admit that runners annoy the heck out of cars when they have to run on the road due to unplowed sidewalks.  I don’t blame them for thinking we are stupid or annoying.  I guess that’s what comes with being a runner sometimes-you like running out in conditions the normal human being thinks is just silly and you aren’t shy about taking over the road to get it done.

Having said that, it’s not like I want to run in the road-I’d rather run on the sidewalk and not have to worry about the cars.  But when I am forced to run on there, I try not to be selfish with it.  I am always aware of when cars are approaching. If there’s an inlet I can sneak into to let the car pass more comfortably, I’ll do so. I always run against traffic because running with traffic scares the heck out of me. I want to be able to see if the car is paying attention and be able to quickly get their attention or jump out of the way if they aren’t!

I also do prefer to run in the nice spring time weather when sidewalks and roads are clear.  In the winter or when it rains a lot, it can get icy/slippery. In these cases, it’s always good to tell someone you are going out for a run and an approximate route. It’s even better to go with someone just in case. I carry a phone, T-pass, my ID and my debit card or cash. A few years ago I had slipped on a patch of ice and it was tough for me to walk for the first couple of minutes. Luckily, it was light out and I was by the river where there were a few other crazy runners. I was able to regain composure and jog slowly back home. I was always a bit more careful after that!

Dave and I weren’t sure what the condition of the running path would be (would it be plowed? Slushy? Icy?) but we wanted to give it a try so we could avoid having to run on the streets.  Before we got a quarter mile into the run, Dave and I had to crawl through a hole in a fence.  I did it like a ninja…

Nemo Run

Dave didn’t…

Nemo Run Dave falls

But check out those new shoes!  I am so proud he has some neon color in them!

We made it through the obstacle and to our surprise the path was cleared for the most part.  There was quite a bit of traffic but it was fun to see everyone out there with the cross country skis, kids on sleds, puppies being walked, and other runners.  I did find myself saying “whoops!” or “whoa!” quite a few times because I lost traction on the snowy path.  It also was really tiring having to get the energy to trudge through the snow packs that weren’t plowed.

Nemo Run Snowy Path

At times Dave would try to talk to me but I didn’t even look at him.  He understood that I wasn’t in a state that I wanted to talk back.  I could feel my heart rate rising and I was really out of breath.  I remember he didn’t really understand this feeling of “I’m not mad at you, I just don’t want to answer you” until he had his first long run with me.  I tried to talk to him but he just was so exhausted and tired that he didn’t want to talk.  Now it just comes as a mutual understanding if we look like we aren’t enjoying the run and we don’t answer back-we aren’t mad-just struggling.  Coming back from my cold and dealing with less traction, it was a tough run back.  But I did it!  5 workout GymPact completed!  I am glad that I switched this coming week to 3 workouts.

As much as I love my classes, I do have to get ‘er done at work.  Darn work for getting in the way of fitness, right?! I have a deadline for Friday and will need to work as much as I can-especially since Nemo prevented me from catching up this weekend. I will be doing a lot of at home workouts or running outside (if not too icy out). Unfortunately, I am missing out on the  Lululemon run club  tonight. I was really looking forward to going this week and grabbing some food at the Back Bay Social Club after! Next time!


What are some of your favorite at home workouts when you have to be really efficient with your time?

I usually like to get a 3 mile run in or do some HIIT workouts like those on the Jillian Michaels DVDs.

Did Nemo make you have to adjust some of your plans this weekend?

I wanted to both make it to a few classes and get into work for a few hours but the T’s were down. It was kind of nice to be forced to take a break though!

Do you run in bad weather conditions?

I like to try to run if I need to get a run in.  However, sometimes the conditions are so bad that you actually can’t get a good workout in because it’s too icy or dangerous out.

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