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Running Hope Through America, running with Dana, and running with friends.

Posted May 16 2010 7:58pm
A busy weekend. Saturday, I fully intended to get up at 5:00 and begin my 50 mile run with Lisa Smith-Batchen. Their planned route was 2.5 miles north on the Riverside Trail starting at 41st Street, and then coming back. Ten of these for 50 miles. That's a lot of pavement, although the new trail is some of the softest asphalt ever. Instead, I slapped the snooze, and got a couple of much needed hours of ZZZZs. I met up with the "Running Hope Through America" entourage at 7:ish, and chatted for a bit. I had forgot my camera (bad zombie!) so I returned home to get it. (Plus, I got a bathroom break addressed!)

The Jenks Aquarium Half Marathon was also happenin at the same time, starting in Jenks and running north to 45th Street. (Very close to the start of the Running Hope Through America.) My friend Kathy was running and pacing a young lady Amanda in her first half. (Amanda is 11 years old, and already had the Tulsa Run (15K), the Polar Bear Plunge, 8 miles in the Snake Run (in frigid temps and snow), and now was adding a half mary to her impressive resume. So, I parked where I thought I might see them, and VIOLA! There they were!! It was a cloudy drizzly day. A fog completely blanked Turkey Mountain, as viewed from across the river. And, on days like this, good pictures are few and far between. I ran with them from 71st to 45th where the turnaround was. Then on the way back, I met Sonya, who after a few months off, was power-walking her 2nd or 3rd half marathon. It was good to see her, as we used to run and powerwalk together a year or so ago on Tuesday and Thursday nights. So, I turned around and paced her for a few miles.

For hours Saturday. the fog hung on. This shot is of Turkey Mountain, or where it should be.
And this is a capture of old decaying tree limbs against a backdrop of fog and a lazy river.

After running Sonya back to where my car was, I drove back to the RHTA group. My plan was to run for 10 miles, and then come home to meet Dana to run on Turkey for a while. But I definately wanted to run with Lisa!! K2, always quick with the camera, snapped my mug as I strolled into the start/finish area of the Running Hope Through America. There were a couple of friendly faces hanging around the RunnersWorld/TATUR tents. Were these guys just there for the food?

It was an event littered with TATURs. Jason ran 20 miles with Lisa, Shelley ran 15 or 20, as did K2. Tom, why the frown? Tom should be all smiles. He was largely responsible for bringing this event to Tulsa, planning the course, and spearheading the aid stations. Were it not for Tom, this event might have happened in OKC!! Sister Mary Beth had just finished her usual 20 miles. She has ran every day with Lisa during her endeavor to complete her 50 in 50 in 60. Sister Mary Beth is 61 years old, and running 20 miles almost every day--WOW!!
I still had some spring in my step, and ran ahead to take pictures. Here, Kirk power-walks shoulder to shoulder with Lisa. He stayed steady, and finished 31 miles before calling it a day. This was Kirk's longest run to date. Rob ran the whole 50 miles, and this was his longest run in several months.

After a few miles with this crew, I headed back home to Turkey Mountain. Dana was itching to run some in the dirt (mud). Actually, the rainy conditions we have had lately only softened the trails, and actual mud was almost hard to find. The damp cushy trails were a treat indeed. She's ready to go ALREADY! And Dana is off like a flash. Now I had 12 miles or so already, and she was operating on fresh legs. I had my work cut out. (or my head cut out?)
Water crossings. One of the joys of trail running!! The color of the day was green. No new ticks today. It's gonna be an off year!

Well, Dana and I ran 7.5 miles--good miles--and then after a bite to eat, I returned third time to run with Lisa Smith-Batchen. Lisa was in the mid 40s of her 50 miler. I managed to get in a few more miles with her, doing the a brief mile out and back to find the group, and then another out and back to make her total. Lisa takes a brief rest, refuels, and then heads back out for her final 5 miles. Tatur Dave looks on. TD kept Lisa laughing with his quirky sense of humor, all while getting in 50 miles himself. The group could smell a celebration in the air. (Or did Tatur Dave fart again?) Oklahoma was Lisa's 22nd state. I have no doubt that she will complete her journey, and on schedule. Raising money for orphans is a noble thing to do, and what a noble way to do it! We assembled for a group pic after the event. (Special thanks to Tom Dorothy for this picture.) I was tired, and after running home, I ended up with 30 miles. Lisa has ran the day before and the day before, and would drive to Texas for 50 miles on Sunday. WOW! I need to get back out there and run.
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