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Running Gear Review

Posted Nov 17 2011 6:31pm
I forgot to post this a while back, so better late than never...kind of like my New Year's goal to run a half. Technically it won't be in 2011 but with my injured foot, then the blasted AZ heat, then my two week trip, and then some family obligations, I just couldn't fit a half in before the end of the year.

OK, so here we go...

{Gear Review}

First off...the Nathan Water Belt. LOVE IT. Yes it's big and makes me sweat (remember I'm in AZ), but it's worth it to have my hands free and still know I won't pass out from dehydration. The first time I used it I wasn't sure which way to wear the belt, I'm not the most observant person in the world, so I'd never noticed how others wore them, in the front?

Sizing Tips: I read several reviews on Amazon when purchasing and most people said they ran small so go a size up. I took a risk and stuck to my normal medium size. I'm glad I did because it actually fits perfect, like if I ever reach my goal weight it's going to be way too big. Just an FYI for anyone looking to buy. It's pretty easy to grab while running and after a few tries, I actually did it without dribbling all over myself.

As for the Forerunner GPS/watch, also love it,  I wish it didn't take so long to acquire a satellite because patience ain't my thang! I'm always trying to rush out the door (which reminds me how much I need to slow down and stretch first).  The watch is fabulous though, having all that info tracked so I don't have to remember it in my 35 year old brain. I was concerned at the bulky factor, but it wasn't so bad. I don't like "stuff" all over me, or to be uncomfortable, but I got used to it quickly and the positives definitely outweigh the negative. It will for sure come in handy in the coming weeks when I start running longer distances.
In case you were wondering what my dream body looks it is. Thin but strong, perfection I tell ya!

What's your favorite running gear?
What's your idea of a dream body?

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