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Running For Women - In a Book!

Posted Feb 06 2008 3:09pm 1 Comment

Since I’ve gotten into running, I wanted to learn about everything I could and needed to know about it. I ordered this book, “The Complete Book of Running for Women” and so far, it’s great! Right now, I’m on the part of the book which is about Running for the Body - which explains the benefits of running for your body, and Running for the Mind, which explains the benefits of running mentally. I totally agree that running is a positive thing for both body and mind, because after a run, I not only feel great, but I feel my mind is more at ease after a run. I don’t feel as stressed mentally after a run. So the book so far is great because it’s not a bunch of fluff. I think any woman who enjoys running should read this book. It’s geared towards women because they also get into running while pregnant, and other related womanly issues. There are also some resources on training for races as well, which I briefly skimmed through. Sure, there are a lot of resources out there, but having it all in one place, such as in a book is great…at least for me. :)

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Sounds really good. I completely agree with the "mind is more at ease after a run." It's relaxing and enjoyable!
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