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Running for Margaritas

Posted Feb 29 2012 8:08am

Last night I discovered a new tactic to get through your run: margaritas.  Did I want to run last night? Not in the slightest.  It was cold, windy and it was my rest day.  I did however promise Gingerfoxxx and Keren I would meet them for a run at Chick’s Night.   Having friends is really cutting into my anti-social time.

I sat in my running clothes for a good hour before I left to make sure that I would in fact go. Once I arrived and saw the Gingerfoxxx my frown turned upside down and I was excited to run! We ran a good 6 miles and when I say a good 6 miles I mean much faster than I normally run and I hated them every minute for it. Having fast friends might actually make me a decent runner.  Or it might make me wear compression from head to toe from constantly being in pain. The good news is, after the run, we all agreed that staying for the complimentary yoga session would not be as good as a recovery tool as margaritas would be.

And to prove we did in fact run, we threw a Garmin in the picture. Actually that proves nothing, and if I were you I would also be weary as to whether or not we actually ran or just went right for margaritas AND THIS:

GUACAMOLE.  Man I love that stuff. I tried to make it clear that it was all for me but constantly yelling and slapping their hands as they went for some didn’t seem to work.  My advice: don’t be friends with runners if you want to actually get some food.

Please take note that Gingerfoxxx is eating all the guacamole with that big wooden spoon. It was quite rude and I’m still mad at her for eating all my guac.  After the run, margaritas and guacomole you know I have  a date with these today:

So give it a try, running for margaritas works. At least it did for us. That’s all the nonsense I have for now!

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