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running, fashion and figure skating!

Posted Feb 19 2010 2:03pm
After writing my whiney entry about not knowing what was going on with my running it would happen that I have one of my best runs. Figures. I escaped from work just before 5pm on account of coming in super early that morning. I cannot remember the last time that I have seen sunlight after I left work but it was glorious! The sun was setting and it was relatively warm out, which felt so nice, as I made my way uptown along the FDR. I looked at my watch a few times to get a sense of how fast I was going but mostly just relaxed and ran. I have never run on the east side above 40th street so when the path seemed to end and the person I was trailing turned west I decided to follow suit and started to make my way to the southeast entrance of Central Park instead of trying to get all the way uptown on the east side. I just had fun weaving in and out of people and dashing to try to make the lights. I got to Central Park and made an effort to push the intensity a little and before I knew it I was at NYRR. What struck me most about the run wasn’t the stellar pace as I don’t consider averaging 8:30s for eight miles to be that great a pace for me (am going to have to pull off much better than that), but rather that without staring at my watch the whole time and stressing about time I had felt good and just naturally ran that pace. That is more like it, although I do not want to get too prematurely hopeful. Things have been a bit up and down…

I had plenty of time to pick up my race number and go home to get ready for my friend’s fashion event. He used to be the head designer for Oscar de la Renta and is now launching his own line. He will be showing his collection during Fashion Week next fall, but decided to do a preview of three of his dresses on the last night of Spring Fashion Week for people in the fashion industry…and his Team for Kids friends. It was really very nice to be included. The dresses were beautiful. There were two ball-gown length dresses in blue tones and a cocktail dress in red and orange. I am very excited to see what he will have for the rest of the collection. Other than a fantastic preview of what is to come, the evening involved hanging out and catching up with people and probably what could be considered too much champagne. I don’t think I am in any danger of repeating famous economist John Maynard Keynes’ famous last words, “I wish I’d drunk more champagne.” Well, for many reasons and not just because I have that much champagne, but because it seems really quite sad to have those be your last thoughts. Then all of a sudden everyone started to leave and things were pretty much over…too early.

I got home just in time to see Evgeni Plushenko skate his free program. Talk about a person that is completely full of himself and has a terrible sense of entitlement! I knew Evan Lysacek had skated really well from facebook updates and was hoping he could pull through a win for Team USA. Evgeni’s performance was completely sloppy and uninspired. He basically looked like he was just going through the motions and was thinking “whatever, this gold medal is so mine.” Still judging is so sketchy. When the scores flashed on the screen and my roommate and I saw that Evan had won, we both screamed! Yes! So deserving…it is so nice to see the person who deserves to win actually win. To top it off he is actually a great person too. Really humble and appreciative and serves on the Figure Skating in Harlem Advisory Board. And P.S. poor sportsmanship during the medal ceremony because you just won the silver medal is plain rude.
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