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running dates that turn into dinner dates that turn into slurpee dates

Posted Jul 07 2011 10:42am
What?  I'm posting a blog in the morning?!  So weird, right?  Who knows, maybe I'll get all crazy and do a two a day blog post today...if I find any motivation to work out.  I may take a rest day...I haven't decided.  I'm kind of digging the fact that I have NOTHING on my docket for the day.  I missed posting last night because we were wild and crazy and stayed out until 10:30pm!  So late for us during the week.  All because we were busy spending time with my running buddy,  Megan  (link to her blog).

Before I dive into yesterday...I wanted to let you know...someone wanted to feature me on their blog!  What?!  Jodi is awesome and messaged me asking if she could feature me her for her thumbs up thursday blog post this week.  Talk about myself?  OF COURSE!  Go check it out here:  Thumbs up thursday .  Go follow her blog while you're at it, because she is great!  Thanks again, Jodi for featuring me!!

Okay, back to yesterday.  Megan and I opted to meet in Hines at 9am and do an easy 3 miler (pretty much our standard run these days).  It was already soooo hot.  We kept it nice and slow.  We all know we're in it for the chatting, not for the time.  We did 3.05 miles in 31:35.  It was a perfect way to start the morning (especially because I woke up feeling groggy).  We got our bodies moving, but kept it nice and leisurely.  Ya know, so we could gossip about everything under the sun.

After, we took our standard pic, except Megan got all creative and figured out how to set the camera on my car so we could get a full length shot
Success! (with a little of my car included, hehe).

After I choked on my water from my water bottle (seriously, you can't take me anywhere), we walked onto a little dock and checked out the view.  I snapped a quick pic of the water.  It didn't look all that pretty though.  Oh well: at least it looks peaceful

Once we parted ways, I was on dessert detail for the bbq we were having with Megan and Kevin later that day.  I got to work making cupcakes (really?  Would you expect anything else of me?)
I made cookies n cream.  They're pretty simple to make and it was hard not to sample some of the batter as I made it: That would be crushed up oreos in the batter..mmmmm

And then I had an even harder time saying no to the homemade buttercream frosting: I would just eat this by itself, if I could.
And finally the finished product: ta da!
I always love and hate baking.  I sample a little too much of everything.  I don't know how people bake consistently all the time and don't gain 242354324932 pounds.  
We headed over to Megan and Kevin's later on and had a delicious dinner of bbq chicken, corn on the cob, pasta salad, and some chips with spinach-artichoke dip.  Everything was fabulous and they were excellent hosts!  It made it easy since Ryan and Kevin knew each other too.  Sometimes  it's hard to find a common ground when only the girls know each other or vice versa.  There wasn't any awkward, 'what if they don't like each other?' The boys were good sports about taking plenty of pictures too.
Megan and cute are they?  If you remember, Megan is, they're baby is going to be adorable!
me and Ry
Then Megan and I had to take a full length pic of the two of us that DIDN'T involve us dripping in sweat: see?  We clean up nicely, hehe.
The boys had a good time razzing us about being creepy for finding each other through blogs and the fact that neither one of us are good with geography (knowing locations of places is overrated).  I said maybe it was a Megan thing.  To get them back, we made them take some ridiculous pictures: they play on the same soccer team at work, so it only seemed appropriate that they pose "playing"
Or maybe just holding the ball together: haha, they were good sports about it.

After, we devoured some cupcakes.  Both boys ate two, so I took that as a good sign!  Then, Megan had an amazing idea as she said, "we should walk to 7-11 to get slurpees!"  She really had to twist my arm to agree (haha, yeah right).  So, we all took a nice walk up there.  As we were paying, Megan said she could get a slurpee every day to which I readily agreed.  It just so happens we may not just be running buddies, but also slurpee soulmates.   the Megans and their slurpees!
We ended up walking probably a little over a mile there and back, so we figured that was a good post-dinner workout, right?  We visited for a little while longer when we got back and that's how we ended up getting home late for us on a weekday.  It was such a good time though and we're excited to do something with again soon (as long as they didn't get sick of us last night!)  
So funny how the blog world can connect you to people.  See, sometimes it pays to be a little creepy ;)

Questions for you:
-If you've met people through blogs did they turn out to be like you or were they completely different than you expected?  
-Tell me about a recent run: any that you completely abandoned time and just really enjoyed yourself or the company you were with?
-If you're in a relationship, do you ever find it hard to find a balance between both couples so that all parties feel comfortable and  get along?  
-Anything exciting going on with you?  Tell me!


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