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Running Away From A Political Firestorm

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:03pm
Who would have thought that running would ever be the catalyst for one of the great political firestorms of our times? Well, dear readers, that time is upon us.

With Sarah Palin's worldwide media blitz over her new children's book, Going Rogue, the excitement over the many opportunities to watch Palin stutter through myriad interviews is palpable. With the world in a feeding frenzy for the next hilarious Palin guffaw, it's not surprising that little attention has been paid to the photo of Palin on the cover of this week's Newsweek Magazine. Photographed in noticeably short running shorts, white running sneakers and a running sweatshirt, with the hint of a smile on her mug (a hint because she probably got confused as to a recent Barney joke one of the photographers was probably telling), Palin has caused quite a little stir with her seemingly benign picture. While most media-types are focusing on the sexist angle as the source of their anger over the picture, as a runner, there is something much worse that this picture represents.

Thievery! In the first corral!!

In late June, Runner's World Magazine interviewed Palin about her fondness of running. A daily runner and a previous finisher in a marathon, Palin, as part of the interview, also did a photo shoot dressed in some of her favorite running clothes. Comparing those photos to the one on the cover of this week's Newsweek, one is hard-pressed to see a difference in those clothes or even in the settings themselves. As it turns out, the difficulty in finding differences stems from the fact that....there are no differences!

That's right. Without getting permission from Runner's World, Newsweek absconded with one of their Palin running pictures and plopped it right on the front of their weekly periodical. Don't believe me? Check out Runner's World own interweb website where it is difficult to missing their message making it clear that, "On the cover of this week's issue of Newsweek is a photo that was shot exclusively for the August 2009 issue of Runner's World, in which Sarah Palin was featured on the monthly "I'm a Runner" back page. The photos from that shoot are still under a one-year embargo, and Runner's World did not provide Newsweek with its cover image. It was provided to Newsweek by the photographer's stock agency, without Runner's World's knowledge or permission".

There an old saying that George W. Bushonce attempted to say that holds, "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me". When Sarah Palin went rogue once by replacing her politician's suit for that of a runner, it might have changed some people's opinion of her. To see her as a normal person who loves to run, maybe she endeared herself to some who otherwise would never have been endeared. But, having now seen her going rogue twice, the ploy is up. The world is tried of Sarah Palin. Tired of her as a politician. And tired of her as a runner. Thanks to Newsweek, she has gone rogue once too many!!
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