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Running 24 hours…

Posted Mar 31 2012 10:11am

…my nose that is!  I took the past two days off from running nose has been running a lot!  Not really too surprised because I usually get sick at least once during taper. As long as I rest up, I usually can recover pretty quickly.  My recipe for fixing this cold has been naps and soup…and rangoons?

Thursday night we went to  Pepper Sky’s Thai Sensation in Central Square.  We decided to try the crab rangoons.  They were pretty good, but still don’t beat Pho Basil’s spicy rangoons.


I ordered a wonton soup, but forgot to say “noodle” so they brought over the small bowl.  They took it back but still left it on bill so we had to mention it.  Oops!


The servings were GI-NORMOUS!  Both Dave and I couldn’t finish and we decided that next time we might split a soup and then get two small appetizers.  We thought it was a little more expensive than Pho Basil and the food and service isn’t as good, but if we are craving some Thai and don’t want to go so far, Pepper Sky is closer than Pho Basil and might be a good take-out option.

I slept really late Friday and then rested up under my favorite blanket, we call it the wolf blanket because it has a wolf on it.  It’s so soft and I love being under it!  That night, Dave made me soup and grilled cheese and we caught up on New Girl.  Pretty relaxing night.  I woke up this morning still not feeling great, I’m taking some DayQuil and hoping I can be better enough to get in a short run today, but I’ll play it by ear.  I might do some house cleaning because I don’t think I can sit anymore!

Do you get fidgety when you are sick?

When I’m oober sick, all I want to do is sleep.  When I’m the annoying sick that is just enough sick to not be able to do anything but that I can still be bored doing nothing, I just get confused at what to do with myself!

What is your favorite sick food?

I love soup!

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