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Runners High Helped Humans Evolve to be Runners

Posted Mar 26 2012 8:16pm

I’m not sure if I get a runner’s high while running and juggling but I must. I certainly feel different so perhaps that’s what people are talking about when explaining a “runner’s high.”

According to this research , runner’s high is the result of endocanabinoid signalling of the brain’s reward center. They had a theory that a release of this chemical is what was responsible for the development of high endurance humans.

In their study they looked at the effects of endocanabinoid on different animals including humans, dogs, and ferrets. Ferrets are a low endurance animal. It turns out that ferrets did not produce as much endocanabinoids as humans or dogs. This adds weight in support of their hypothesis.

Interesting enough.

I wonder if jogglers experience the runner’s high faster than regular runners. I’m not a good candidate because I don’t even recognize runner’s high but perhaps some of you other jogglers are. What do you think?

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