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#RunnerPeopleProblems (the so-not real edition)

Posted Dec 12 2011 9:46pm
Hey there friends!  It's monday and I accidentally brought Ryan's knee strap instead of mine to the gym. It was way too big, so I didn't have to wear.  I didn't feel like risking it, so I only did a 1/2 mile on the mill before doing 15 mins on the bike, 10 mins on the elliptical, and some weights.   It felt like such a tragedy, *womp, womp*.   It wasn't.   Well, since I talked about the real problems in the world last week (catch up here, in case you missed it:  first world problems ) I figured I might as well indulge you with the "real" problems runners face - or at least me.   And by problems, I mean ones we may perceive as problems and totally aren't.   Disclaimer:  this post is meant as a joke, sorry, I only know how to be serious for .5 seconds.

Problem 1- I ran a PR that wasn't during a race.

when I was running on friday, I knew I was going to be close to my 5k PR time.  I got really worried.   If I ran a PR during a training run, surely it wouldn't count.  What?  Of course it counts!  Just because it wasn't recorded by some fancy chip timer thingee (technical name) doesn't make it any less real.   However, I am willing to bet most of us have that mentality.    It just feels more...earned I guess during a race.    Oh, also if you get this with it
yes, kissing the medal is mandatory.

Problem 2- My garmin and (or) ipod aren't charged
Call me co-dependent, but I can't live without my garmin on an outdoor run.  Sure, I can get by without the ipod (if I HAVE to), but the garmin?  No freakin way.   I'll wait till it charges, take the run indoors, anything.  Even on the days where I don't care about pace, I still need it there.  I hate not knowing how far I've run.   I tend to zone out and so even though I roughly know, I still need to know for certain.   It's a sick, sick addiction, I'm aware.   
Dear Garmin, you're big and kind of ugly, but I love you oh so much.  I shall name my first-born after you (kidding...unless Ryan goes for it, haha).
Problem 3- I can't find my spibelt, so I can't carry all my gels/chomps/bloks
This was totally me on Saturday.   I was freaking out.  I still can't find my spibelt.  I was forced to wear a zip-up that had zipper pockets so that I could carry my shot bloks (even though I only ended up eating one).   Seriously, what do we think people did before all this?  We carry SOOO much crap during runs and most of it is unnecessary.   For me at least I always feel like I need to be overly prepared than unprepared.   But somehow people were running long distances a long time ago and didn't carry half the stuff we take with us. They even advertise it with so.much.stuff.   Pretty sure chapstick won't help you run faster...
Problem 4 - I don't have any upcoming races so I don't feel motivated
This is a very real problem in the world of Megan.   I haven't raced since Thanksgiving.   I'm currently going through withdrawals.   Someone help me.    I know I'm not alone in this.  Several people have tweeted that they aren't sure what to do without having a race on the upcoming calendar.  Yeah, you and me both!   Even if you don't race as often as me, all of us look forward to upcoming races and when you don't have any in the foreseeable's scary.   Let's all go to race addicts anonymous...OR sign up for a zillion races our calendars look like this:
race every weekend?  Okay, sure.
Problem 5- There are too many good races I want to do.
Really, this feels like a problem sometimes.   I'm trying a new thing for 2012: picking quality races over quantity of races.  This is taking some sheer willpower on my part.   However, even when picking quality races, too many are too close together or throw off marathon training or something. How is a girl to choose?   Why can't I just be in two places at once and race every awesome race that exists?   

Trust me when I say, I know there are plenty more, but I'm drawing a blank right now.   I'll leave you with a few more photobombs:
baha, love this.   Danielle from  Long May you Run  totally photobombing her friend who had no idea.

Rachel from  Running in Real Life  sent a different photo bomb.   A "seymour butts" shot they kept getting: see that booty peeking out from behind him?
And another view:

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