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Runner’s Tech: 10 Sites Every Runner Should Visit

Posted Mar 14 2012 10:12am

Written by Kevin, Runner’s Tech. One of the best places to find running-related resources is online. But of all the websites in existence, how would you know where to start browsing? Although there is no single site that is simply the best for everything you’re looking for in running – some sites undeniably deliver more bang for your buck than others. Below is a list of 10 notable websites related to running.

1. Runner’s World : This is the web extension to the most popular running magazine today. With a full spectrum of articles and resources in addition to its magazine counterpart, is useful for runners of all levels. Some major sections include Races & Paces, Shoes & Gear, Health & Injuries, Nutrition & Weight Loss, and Beginners. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out its forums for even more info from discussions in the running community.

2. Active : In addition to great articles on all things running, Active provides tools, guides, and tips, for an array of other activities such as cycling, swimming, and team sports. On this website you can also find tons of premium training plans that work with Active’s training log.

3. Cool Running : Another excellent place for runners is Cool Running. There you can read articles on races/results, training tips, and news, as well as find practical running-related links such as pace calculator, distance converter, and running club locator. Keep in mind that Cool Running shares a lot of links with mentioned above.

4. dailymile : In short, dailymile is essentially Facebook for runners (and cyclists, swimmers, triathletes). On this free social platform, users can log their workouts, send motivational badges, and complete challenges with thousands of people around the world.

5. RunningAHEAD : Need a detailed training log that works with most GPS devices, supports a multitude of import/export formats, and generates customized reports? RunningAHEAD does it all, and more. There you can track shoe mileage, share routes, plan training schedule, and edit almost everything about a run – down to splits, effort, and weather. In addition to running, you can also track other activities such as biking and swimming.

6. RunKeeper : Strictly speaking, RunKeeper is not just a website. Although its web interface is fantastic for mapping, tracking, and sharing your runs, RunKeeper’s strength is in its mobile app – available for iOS and Android. Utilizing the GPS location service on smartphones, RunKeeper allows users to log distance, time, pace, route and calories burned. This is a great tool if you don’t already own a GPS-based running watch.

7. MapMyRUN : Like its name suggests, MapMyRUN is a website for mapping running routes. Powered by Google Maps, the best feature of this site is definitely Map a Run. If you do not own a GPS watch or a smartphone, MapMyRUN is an easy yet effective tool to plan your runs. Its intuitive user interface lets you create, find, and share running routes in your area, or anywhere.

8. Running in the USA : This is an extensive directory to “every running-related race in the USA”. There you can search for race information, past results, photos, forums, and running clubs. Running in the USA is a convenient utility for planning future races or looking up race data in the past.

9. : Founded in 2000 by twin brothers, Weldon and Robert Johnson, is tailored towards the competitive aspect of running. You will find significant coverage of running on elite-level events and athletes here. Its “World Famous Message Boards” is highly recommended if you are looking for the latest “news, results, and gossip in the running world”.

10. : If you are seeking a comprehensive website on trail running or ultramarathons, iRunFar is definitely worth a look. iRunFar has a large archive of articles covering races, interviews, gears, and guides regarding ultrarunning. Whether you’re a beginner or competitor in the trail running scene, is surely an exceptional spot on the Internet.

What do you think of these websites? How often do you surf the web for information about running? What other running-related websites do you browse regularly? Please share in the comment section below.

- Kevin

(Kevin Lu is an engineer, currently working in the field of orthopedic devices. He received his B.S. and M.S. in biomedical engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology. Science, technology, and running are Kevin’s passions. In his spare time, Kevin trains for and participates in races of various distances. His recent personal records include 20:58/5K and 5:48:22/50K. Follow him on Twitter (@ SweatEngine ) and check out his blog Beyond Distance .)

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