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Runch Complete!

Posted Dec 07 2012 9:30am

I accomplished my goal of a lunch time run yesterday (i.e. runch)!  This is probably partially because I had asked my coworker Devin if he was going too.  He said yes, so I couldn’t bail out anymore.  We also convinced our friend Tom to join us (but he is camera shy).

Sometimes when I plan on running during lunch, I will get preoccupied with work or a meeting and then just wait to do my run after work or end up skipping it.  If I ask someone to go with me, I’m more likely to make it happen.

The run went really well.  The weather was absolutely perfect-it was cool and I didn’t sweat too much.  It made me remember how much I want to get back to training.  I’m one of those strange people who doesn’t mind training in the winter.  The only part that I don’t like is the ice because I have slipped and fallen before, hurting my knee.

My hips weren’t sore during the run and they weren’t too bad after either.  The part that actually bothered me the most was my hamstrings from the core fusion barre class on Tuesday still!  This means that once I get a couple months of base building, I think I will start thinking of my first half marathon!

After my run, I took a quick shower and headed back to work.  I liked how it was cool enough that my hair didn’t get too sweaty so I skipped washing it-though I’m not sure how much my coworkers liked it!  I also made sure to use the Stick that I had brought to work to roll out my muscles.

I’m so ready to keep up with my December goal to run 3 times a week! :)


Do you ever workout during lunch?

I rarely do but it was kind of a nice break from work.

Do you usually plan a lot for when your friends come to visit or do you just wing it?

Dave usually likes to plan everything out!

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