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Run Happy and eat HEALTHY Mac and Cheese

Posted May 18 2011 6:05am

Yesterday I got my swim on for half an hour and then ran in the afternoon with Dave.  It has been raining forever it seems like.  I just want to see the sun!  Initially, I wasn’t too excited about my rainy run, but LOVED my run.  I definitely ran happy!  I love my free run happy hat I got with my Brooks shoes!  (I know…you can’t really see the text-someday I will get a real camera instead of using my iPhone and Photobooth for all my pictures!)

Dave said that I always seem to be squatting in my blog pictures.  I think its the volleyball player in me!  Boy, I miss that sport!  I was addicted to it!

Running Stats:
4.4 mi
37:23 (avg pace 8:30)

We also went and did some food shopping for Ragnar.  I was going to go Wednesday with a teammate, but I had some extra time and want to make some casseroles tomorrow night and head to bed early!

Yes, I love casseroles !  So it makes sense that Mac and Cheese is probably one of my favorite meals and may be one of the casseroles I am going to make for my Red Rockettes. I always like to search for healthy alternatives.  Where do I go? of course!

To see the ingredient list and instructions, visit .

I am getting more and more amped up for this weekend!  At first I was a little sad about the potentially rainy Ragnar, but this run made me think that it will be ok!


What is your favorite topping on mac and cheese?

KETCHUP!  I love putting ketchup on lots of things besides just fries!

What is your favorite mac and cheese add in?

Fresh tomatoes, spinach, and ham!

Do you like running in the rain?

I miss running in the sun, but for some reason I don’t mind running in the rain!  I think it is because it keeps me cool!


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