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Run For Boston

Posted Apr 21 2014 1:47pm
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! We had a lovely day here in Georgia! It was a little sad not having our daughter Alex and son Nick here with us. Alex is at school in MA and Nick lives there also and it wasn't really possible for them to come for just a weekend right now. As much as we missed having Nick and Alex for the holiday, we were so happy to be able to spend time with our son Robert, his beautiful wife Jennifer and their sweet Bella! We have only seen them once since arriving back in Georgia and that was at Jennifer's Mom's memorial service, so that was a very somber occasion and we really didn't have a chance to talk much. Yesterday however, was quite nice! We had a great afternoon, talking, eating and laughing! I am not known for being the world's best cook, but I think everything turned out okay! 

As expected, I woke up this morning thinking about Boston! I know I have said this a lot, but I REALLY wish I could have been there today. I have to admit to being a bit obsessive with my checking online and on FB for news and photos from the marathon!

I did manage to get myself away from the computer for my Boston tribute run earlier and once again, I was surprised at how emotional I was about Boston and the marathon. I always feel good when I can get in a relatively pain-free run, but today I felt like I was really running with purpose and I couldn't stop smiling--or crying! I'm pretty sure I looked like a crazy old lady runner, but I didn't care one bit!
Not very flattering photos, but since Ray was outside when I returned from my run, I had him take a pic! The sun was in my face and I was trying to tell him how to work my phone camera, so if it looks like I'm running my mouth in the first shot--I WAS! This was a shirt I bought in Boston the last time I was there and I thought it was appropriate to wear today!

My nice run was interrupted by a dog that came running out of it's yard, barking with teeth bared, charging toward me....My heart was racing and a woman came running from the back of her house and I was waiting to hear the usual--"Don't worry, he won't bite." Instead, she was screaming at the top of her lungs, "Get back here--don't you bite her--don't you bite her!!" Um...that didn't exactly get my heart rate back to normal!  The lady finally got the dog and dragged him toward her house. I ran on for a couple of miles, but the only way that I knew to get back home was to run back the way I came! I thought that surely the woman had taken the dog back inside, but since I wasn't sure--I picked up a big stick before I got back to the house where the dog had been. As I was picking up the stick, I noticed an old tennis ball and I picked that up as well. I figured--what dog can resist chasing a tennis ball, right? Luckily, I didn't need either because the dog was not outside. It just really ticks me off that people can't keep their dogs leashed, in a fence, or inside! Note to self--Always take pepper spray when running! Not gonna let a little thing like a grumpy dog keep me from running!

When I left for my run, American runner, Shalane Flanagan was in the lead for the women in Boston, but sadly, when I got back home...I found that she had come in 7th....although first American woman. She ran an awesome race, but didn't get the win that she had so hoped for.

I guess the big news would be Meb Keflezighi winning the marathon! I have to admit, I was more focused on the women's race! Does that make me a sexist? I AM very happy that Meb won!!

Below is an excerpt from an article about 38 year old Meb's victory today--

“It’s a great win because it’s such an example of hope. Here’s a guy who is winning races at an age most people think he should be retired. He’s setting PRs (personal records) as he ages. And he’s an American finally ending this incredible drought in Boston the year after the bombings,” said Dick Patrick, who co-wrote “Run to Overcome” in 2010.
“This is almost like winning five Bostons, there was so much emotion and symbolism in this year’s race, and for Meb to win it, it’s just incredible,” Patrick said.
The bombing “probably resonated more with Meb than any other runner in the field,” said Patrick, recalling a story about the champion’s childhood.
“He was born in Eritrea when it was at war with Ethiopia, and one of his earliest memories as a young child was having to help clean up the debris of human­ flesh of a young boy who was playing with a bomb when it exploded,” Patrick said. “That’s why he was so emotional last year at the race, because he saw this whole thing coming back. It was like you almost can’t escape violence and these senseless killings.”
So glad Meb--American runner won!
I wanted to share some of the more inspiring and motivational stories from today's marathon, but I have already heard so many wonderful stories that I can't seem to decide which one's to share here, so I think I will just encourage you to look them up online from any of the many news sources that have covered the race. So many of them are so very heartwarming and life affirming--Warning: You may spend an extraordinary amount of time online once you start reading!

I did want to share one particular story about Larry Grogin and his "Grogin's Heros." Larry is one of the nicest, most caring guys I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and since he is also a member of Team Hole in the Wall--I just had to share this one!


Franklin Lakes man runs 235 miles just to get to starting line of Boston MarathonBY TAMIYAH YANCEYSTAFF WRITERTHE RECORD

Larry Grogin, who ran in last year's race, taking a practice run around his home. He ran 235 miles to get to the starting line.

Larry Grogin, who ran in last year's race, taking a practice run around his home. He ran 235 miles to get to the starting line.

After seven consecutive days and 235 miles of running in unpredictable weather, through minor injuries and over state lines, Larry Grogin of Franklin Lakes has made it to the starting line.
"I can honestly say I'm feeling better today than I did on Sunday, when we started," Grogin said of his run from Franklin Lakes starting on April 13 to Boston to participate in the Boston Marathon, a year after the event was hit by a terror attack.
When the bombings kept him from finishing the marathon last year, Grogin vowed not only to return but to make a difference. He made his trek both to support Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang Camp charity for children with serious illnesses and in honor of those affected by last year's violence.
Now in Hopkinton, Mass., where the marathon is set to begin today, Grogin says the only reason he got through his weeklong ordeal was because of the children he's supporting. "The kids have been my wings," Grogin said.
It wasn't easy. Accompanied by his running partner, John Renaldo of Wayne, Grogin ran 32 miles over a seven-hour period each day, sometimes through extreme weather conditions.
"We've had showers, freezing cold temperatures, solid rain at one point, and 80-degree weather," Grogin said. "This is supposedly spring, but we've experienced everything but — winter, summer, fall but no spring."
He also credited the pair's support team, including his wife, Cheryl, for accompanying them the whole way and offering encouragement.
"Every day they are sitting in a car for seven hours, in the same weather and conditions, just being there to provide us water, towels and vitamins day after day," Grogin said. "An incredible support team. What's pushing us through is knowing that with these donations, somebody will be able to go to camp instead of a hospital."
Renaldo met Grogin in November and the two became close friends who have leaned on each other throughout this entire process.
"Grogin told me about the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp after my first marathon, and having a cousin whose child passed due to cancer, I take this personally," Renaldo said. "It's been an incredible experience."
Grogin has raised $100,000, since his voyage began. And to mark the accomplishment, Grogin and Renaldo presented a check for that amount to Ray Shedd, the senior development officer at the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, on Saturday.
Donations are still being accepted at or
- See more at: 


I am so happy to report that Grogin's Heros crossed the finish line of the 2014 Boston Marathon!!                                                                                                                                                                                   

Today was a day of solidarity for people all over the world--a day for so many people to show how strong and resilient we can all be when we come together and "RUN AS ONE".....I hope that this day will in some way make the healing process a bit easier for some of the people affected by the tragedy at last years marathon. We will never forget the bombings from last year, but we also will never forget how people have come together in such an amazing way to show support, strength, and most of all, LOVE!!

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