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Run 3, Week 4 (BOHR): A Run Is Just A Run Is Just A Run Is Just A Run!

Posted Oct 18 2008 4:08pm

Erik & I went for a run in an old favorite location around 11 am today. He ran for about 30 minutes total & I ran, as scheduled, for 35 minutes total. We ran around a picturesque man-made lake, which was ironically teeming with nature & natural beauty. I guess the wildlife doesn't really care who made the lake, just as long as it feels like home. ;-)

It was a beautiful sunny day & the temperature was about 65-68 degrees. Of course, it felt wonderful & warm in the sun & slightly cold & breezy in the shade.

The day felt even more beautiful because we were in such beautiful surrounding. Weeping willows & vibrant fall trees gracefully frame the lake. And underneath them are swans, geese, & mallards, and turtle families on logs. (A lone blue heron also calls this lake home, although we didn't see him today.) All of the serene images make for a picture postcard moment.

The same could not be said for my run. It was yet another slow, perfunctory run, as I was once again -- surprise, surprise! -- feeling tired & low-energy. (I just bought huge bottles of iron & B-complex vitamins today, so hopefully that'll help some.)

To make things worse, after downing a bottle of water before the run (big mistake!), nature was calling for us both & a bathroom was nowhere in sight. Every bounce up & down just made the feeling worse, as it felt like a seismic wave of liquid jiggling inside. Not the most conducive circumstances for running at a decent pace.

After taking care of the above, Erik had a much better run than me, as it's easier for a man to do what a man has to do, if you get my drift. ;-)

Furthermore, my mind & body just weren't into the idea of running today, but I ran anyhow because I knew it was up to me to do it regardless of the resistance coursing through every fiber of my being. So, notwithstanding my less-than-enthusiastic attitude & tired bod, I simply ran today's run just to run it & get it over with as soon as possible.

It's so important not to play mind-games with ourselves, get past the emotional & mental crapola we are thrusting out of our heads at any particular moment, & just get it done. That's the one thing that actors, soldiers, & athletes share in common. ;-) When the lights come up, it's game-time, & the show must go on, there are no do-overs. (Gee, look how I managed to fit several cliches into a single sentence! ;-) )

But seriously, athletes can't afford to play mind games with themselves. Mind games threaten to derail our progress. And we can't have that, now can we?!

I'll be blunt: Some days (or in my case, weeks!) the runs are slow, the energy is non-existent & the pace is glacial, but I just pound out the run anyhow. Like today.

Oh well, atleast my OCD-like tendancies are finally doing me some good, other than compelling me to reorganize my sock drawer, kitchen, & entire wardrobe closet. It's imperative that I run a minimum of run 3 times a week, or I won't be able to face myself in the morning....

OK, I'm only slightly kidding about the OCD-like tendancies, but I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times: Running is addictive. And after a while, you feel compelled to run. That about sums it up for me.

Tomorrow is another day. And thankfully a day of rest at that! ;-)

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