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Run 1, Week 5 (BBOHR): Runners, Runners, Everywhere!

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:25am


Weather Conditions:
Temp:77° F

Warm-up Walk:
Start Time:6:15 am
Distance:0.45 mi
Time:7:32 min
Avg Pace: 16:41 min/mi
Calories Burned: 47
Start Time:
6:23 am
Distance:7.64 mi
Time:1:24:53 min
Avg Pace: 11:06 min/mi
Calories Burned: 796
Cool-down walk:
Start Time:7:49 am
Distance:0.76 mi
Time:12:44 min
AvgPace: 16:40 min/mi
Calories Burned:79

No, the title of this post isn't a shameless plug for our Blog Catalog Running Forum, "Runners, Runners, Everywhere!";-)

This morning I ran my "usual" route (in the direction of the golf course). After about 50+ minutes of running, much of which had been spent running along the golf course, I saw several runners with racing bibs peppered along various points along the golf course path. Some of them were doing practice runs; others were walking. As I reached the Westin Ka'anapali Resort (which is situated at the far end of the golf course), I saw there were large banners with the words "Maui Marathon" printed on them, & what appeared to be either a start or finish line area.

Based on what some of the villa staff had told me earlier, I knew that the Maui Marathon was right around the corner. What I didn't know until today was that the marathon course would go right through the golf course where I ran every day. ;-)

I was curious if today was the day for the marathon, so I asked some of the racing event organizers as I was running by the start/finish line. They told me that the preparation I was witnessing was actually for the Maui 5K, which would beginning shortly at 8 am today, and that the Maui Marathon would begin tomorrow at 5:30 am, i.e., my usual island wake-up time. ;-) I was told that the marathon begins on the other side of the island, near the airport, & ends where I saw the banners.

So, while I don't think I'll be watching the start of the marathon (i.e., with all the winding roads, it's about an hour's drive from here), I will be watching the finish. I'm going to see if my dad will go with me to see the marathoners finish tomorrow morning; after all, he's the only one who will get up at that hour. ;-) Well, he won't probably need to get up until about 7 am, so we can head over to the finish line to watch the first finishers cross the threshold sometime after 7:30 am.

I'm supposed to run again tomorrow, but if I get out the door by 5:45 am or so, I should be finished with my run by then & still have plenty of time to head over with my dad to watch the end of the marathon.


Postscript: Thanks, everybody for your comments. I promise to respond to them after I get back from vacation. I've been using the facility's business center -- which is in high demand, even at 7 & 8 am in the morning! -- & so, am only allotted a half-hour increment (total) to use the computer, which is barely enough time to check email and blog. ;-) The limited daily computer/internet access is probably for the better, since the point of a vacation is to take a break & unplug from it all. ;-)

Look forward to catching up with all of you upon my return....

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