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Run 1, Week 1 (BTHR-P2) + Run 1, Week 6 (CT5K): Got to Keep Moving to Stay Warm!

Posted Oct 18 2008 2:35pm

Just got back from my two runs of the day. According to the weather report, we ran in 30 degree weather. Right now, my hands are so cold, I can barely type! They were warm while I was running, but of course became cold again when I stopped. And, yes, I had warm gloves, but they apparently weren't warm enough! ;-)

OK, well this post's going to be brief, as I've got a lot of job-hunt related stuff I've got to take care of today:

My first run (which I started at 1:25 PM this afternoon) was supposed to be 40 minutes, but in order to complete my usual 5 laps (3.7 miles), my time was actually closer to 43 minutes, 43:05 minutes to be precise. That means I ran a 11:38:39 pace today. That's a marked improvement over last week's 40-minute runs, but slower than the week before that. Considering I only got 5 hours of sleep (yes, still not sleeping well!), I'd say that the run was still decent. Frankly, what I'm most ecstatic about is that I've been running for several weeks straight now without knee pain. Those glucosamine chondroitin pills I'm taking before my runs appear to be doing the trick (I took another 2 before today's run as well), plus I've been very moderate about about my exercise. Well, lately I might be a little too moderate in my exercise ;-), as I've only run twice this week & also twice last week, which is not fulfilling the required 3x/week exercise "pact" I've made with myself. But I'm going to cut myself some slack, since I'm fairly stressed these days. I guess I should be proud of myself for continuing to run & lift semi-regularly in spite of all of the chaos. ;-)

OK, so onto the next run: My friend & I were supposed to meet around 2 pm today for our run. I was actually doing the final lap of my solo run & rounded the corner at approximately 2:07 pm or so, and was thankful that she hadn't yet appeared (as I was a bit late myself in finishing up my solo run!). Since I didn't yet see her, I took the opportunity to do a brief cool-down walk around the lake, walking about 1/4 of the way around the lake and then doubling back to our meeting spot, all the while making sure that our meeting spot was still within my line of sight. She had actually showed up earlier but then, upon not yet seeing me, had gone back to her car to get her scarf. ;-)

We started our workout closer to 2:15 pm or so, and ran 2 intervals of 8 minutes followed by a final 5-minute run. My friend commented that the runs seemed rather easy, which was great to hear, as it means her fitness level's definitely improving. And of course our run today seemed relatively "easy," especially when compared to the 20 minute run we did the last time! ;-) We had a great chat today & managed not to gab too much afterward, as my friend needed to return to work to finish up some paperwork & then had plans for later in the evening.

As for me, I'm going to do some final follow-up related activities concerning my job hunt, and then perhaps later, I'll do the movie write-up, as I'd promised. Will be something to look forward to doing after the job-related stuff! OK, thanks everybody, for your great comments. I plan to reply soon!

Hope you're all having a great afternoon!

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