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#Roadtobuns – A story of long-distance #runlove friendship

Posted Apr 04 2014 6:07pm

The road to buns began innocently enough last January when I received a message via Twitter from this lovely lady.


Step 1 – Twitter connects @hroberts123 with @crosscountrycajun

@hroberts123 – Hey, you live in Nashville. Ragnar Relay with Team Nuun?

@crosscountrycajun – Yes, I’d love to run a relay with a bunch of strangers from the interwebs. (Mom/Chris, don’t worry -  it’s totally safe) A van full of sweaty strangers and endless NUUN – count me in.

Step 2 –  Captain @hroberts123 sets about organizing the most kick-butt relay team ever. She handles all the details. During this time, I am totally nodding my head at her level of enthusiasm and organization and request any runner spot as long as we can be in the same van. This girl seems like she will be legit awesome IRL.

Step 3 – Ragnar TN (a.k.a. where our #runlove friendship was solidified) Cliff Notes version: Our relay team was awesome, the two vans of sweaty strangers from the interwebs were so amazing, best weekend ever!


Step 4 – Post-Ragnar TN blues – What to do when you are running alone with no van chasing you down with their disco ball, cowbell and Katy Perry’s Roar? You talk to your long distance #runlove BFF almost every day. That’s what you do.

Step 5 – Plan next adventure – In all that post-Ragnar blues chatting, Holly and I did what any runner friends do when recovering from Fall race season. We brainstormed our next adventure.

Holly: What’s your race plans next year?

Tess: Not sure.

Undetermined source: Marathon? Twin Cities? Chicago? Running 26.2 miles is super fun, right?

Holly and Tess: Fun if we do it together. Let’s do it.

Step 6 – Take a gamble, register for the Chicago marathon – We had our eyes set on the prize Chicago marathon before they made it a lottery system. I totally understand why they changed their registration but was bummed that there was a possibility we wouldn’t be running Chicago together. Leave caution to the wind, we’ll see what God has in store for our #runlove marathoning adventure and register for lottery spots. Fingers /toes crossed to get in.


Step 7 – Someone brings up buns, #roadtobuns is born –

Q: Why run 26.2 miles in shorts when you can run in buns?

A: To avoid excessive tan lines? To celebrate being in the best shape of our lives? To not get overheated? Why not run 26.2 miles in buns?


Because some of us learn by visuals – here’s a quick road map to how #roadtobuns was born



Stay tuned for an amazing journey on the #roadtobuns.

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