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RoadID. More than just ID?

Posted May 04 2010 2:30am
Last night, while waiting a painfully long time for the girls to finish their dinner, Doodle and I had a conversation. It went a little something like this ...

Doodle: (noticing my new purple RoadID ) "Why'd you get a purple one? Why'd you want all the colors?" (Yes, I have multiple RoadIDs ).

Me: "Because I thought that it was pretty."

Doodle: "I want a purple one too. I want to match you. When are you getting me one?"

Me: "I don't know. Maybe next week."

Doodle: "THAT'S TOO LONG! Get it in ONE WEEK!"

Me: "Doodle, we'll see. Why do you need one?"

Doodle: "To run."

Me: "Well, Daddy has a black one. Do you want a black one to match him or a purple one to match me?"

Doodle: "I want a purple one so I can run really faster than Daddy."

Huh? So apparently, a RoadID is more than just safety gear. It also functions as a turbo-booster.
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