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Richmond Marathon Recap

Posted Nov 12 2012 7:00am
As you all know, I didn't run the Richmond Marathon this past weekend (because I've been resting my hip by doing very minimal running for the past 2.5 months and am not in marathon shape.  Gotta heal up before Boston training with Brittany starts up in a month.)

But that didn't keep me from participating in the festivities and having an incredible weekend!

So I suppose this is more of a spectator's recap.

THESE girls came down from NYC and helped transform my non-marathon-shape-bummer weekend into a positive one.
When the NYC Marathon was canceled last week, a bunch of runners from NYC made the brave and bold last-minute decision to head south this past weekend and run the Richmond Marathon.  This group of people was dubbed #TeamRichmond .
Jess , Laura, Christy , Meggie , Gia , Ashley , and me
the NYC runners wore their NYC Marathon bibs on their backs
DURING the race, I saw these speedy, talented runners:
I saw Brittany , my dearest real-life and running-life Richmond friend
a few times during the race.  She qualified for Boston last year
during her first marathon and we're starting our training next month!
SO sad that I didn't get to run with her on the course, I missed her :(
I saw Dorothy at mile 6 and then I later ran with her
for a couple minutes around mile 22.
She looked very strong, it was great to chat with her for a minute.
I also saw Stacey  and also got to run with her for a minute
or two around mile 22.  She runs for Oiselle and not only is she
adorable and speedy, she has the most beautiful, friendly soul. 
I ran the last 3 or 4 miles of the marathon with Gia .
I am so proud of Gia, she ran an amazing race, pushed herself and
negative splitted the heck out of it.
I also ran 2 or 3-ish miles with my ridiculously strong, determined, and tenacious friend and running buddy, Bridget .  She ran a 3:28 after an extremely short and minimal amount of training this season.  Bridget is one of my friends in Richmond who I originally met through the blog, but have grown close with in real life.  She's a super-mom who can push through pain like no one else that I know.

And last but CERTAINLY not least, I am also so proud to report that my wonderful friend and running buddy  Regina placed 8th woman overall with her first SUB-3 hour marathon!  She ran a 2:59:23.  She looked so strong out on the course, I literally got tears in my eyes when I saw her.  Regina is the most humble person I have ever met and is so quick to recognize other people's accomplishments and does not brag about her own.  She has a huge heart and is one of the most thoughtful people I know.
I ran into my other friend and running buddy, Alicia, at the finish line.
Neither of us raced the marathon because of injuries.
Alicia was on course to probably run a low or sub 3 hour marathon when she learned
on Wednesday last week that she has a fracture in her foot :(
We lolly-gagged around the finish line for a little while and then Tappan came and picked us up.  I ran into the beautiful Brooke from Lululemon , so proud of her for rocking her 2nd marathon.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing and having a girly slumber party.  So perfect and calm.  I'll spare you the photo of us all post-race, relaxing like champs in down and fleece blankets.

We did manage to wander out of the house at one point to check out Selba .  Can't wait to go back and eat in their Jungle room.
"are we really those girls who do food pictures?"
these brussels sprouts from Selba were phenomenal,
the orange sauce complimented them perfectly
More to come this week with some more details of the weekend, including a recap of our incredibly delicious pre-race carb fueling fest with Carytown Cupcakes , Superstars Pizza , and The Fresh Market !

Do you love race spectating?  Ever paced anyone?
This was my first time really spectating a race and I must admit it was really fun.  You get a large amount of joy and excitement of the race without any of the stress of an actual race.  I must admit that there were multiple times when I was sad that I wasn't racing myself, but seeing the accomplishments of my running friends made up for it, seriously.  I'd previously never jumped into a race to help pace friends, but I also have to admit that it was fun.  I had no idea what to say, so I just said what I would want someone to say to me when I'm struggling.
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